I left three couches behind in North Carolina. I love all three of them. I equate my love for couches with my love for jeans. Its not so much that I go out and by the most expensive brands, I just like jeans and I want lots of them and I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of them. They are the staple of many a loved outfit for me.

So, the next phase of the LA Apartment Hunt indicates the dawning of new era! A NEW COUCH, the staple of building a room! I’m excited. Aren’t you? Since hauling my new three piece Ikea Karlstad sectional up the stairs to The Treehouse (that’s what we call the apartment), the place has felt a million times better. Its also helped to shape up some ideas for what to do with the common areas and I’m really excited about that too. Plus, Kate likes it.

This is what I haggled over in the As-Is section of the Carson Ikea until I walked away with it for $399. No joke!

The Estate of Things chooses Ikea Karlstad

With the low price tag for the size, I decided that I wouldn’t mind dropping extra cash down the road on a new cover for this sofa. They have a nice dark gray as well as an interesting natural linen that I could maybe choose.

I spent some time perusing the Ikea couch cover opions over at Bemz tonight….. and now I’m feeling like I wouldn’t mind going nuts with the options for my new huge L shaped sofa.  But now I need my mom to start pricing out shipping on the older Ikea sofa that I’ve been hanging onto since my days living in Philadelphia. The Allerum… I really wanna make this couch sing out on my big patio with the right fabric choice (what do you think? Marimekko?)! $250 isn’t bad.

The Estate of Things chooses Ikeas Allerum sofaThe Estate of Things chooses Marimekko to cover Ikea sofa

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