The Kiss

Well, I’m impatiently awaiting our friend Joseph’s professional debut as a graphic designer… In the meantime he is in school and he made this as a homework assignment. That’s him and our dear friend, his pretty little wife, Azalea mimicking Gustav Klimt The Kiss.

The Estate of Things chooses graphic designer Joseph Edwards

The first thing I noticed was that badass bedspread he’s wrapped around them. I want to own it. I emailed immediately to inquire where it came from. Apparently its some scrap fabric that Azalea got from her mother. Dang.

So, Joseph.. when do we get to hang this up on our Walls!?

Thanks for playing,


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  • forget hanging that up on the walls, anyone who wants can come by and ill set up the photo, and work them and their significant other up in thier own version. for a nominal fee. help me bring home bacon.

  • ill plant one on you just to see your pretty face. (this is the sarah i know right?) dude i dont know i was half kidding. unless you think i can start making a living posing people like american gothic and john and yoko and shit.

  • wow, this design/pic/life-art makes me want to go back to school to learn some new tricks. very nice, Joseph. I think you might be on to something here…recreating classic poses w/ your own interpretation? i think it’s a concept that could sell well. i have a friend, matthew good, who paints nothing but portraits of people in the neo-catholic renaissance style (is that a specific style or did I just make that up?) and he’s building quite a fan base, including John McCay and Ben Long–two of the greatest painters of our day. Betsy, a feature on matthew might be a good blog idea. ok, sorry to ramble. for my first ever blog response, i think i’ve maxed the character limit. so, this character is going to wrap it up. Joseph, I can’t wait to see more.

  • Good Idea Andy. Matthew Good’s work is totally amazing. I would love to show it off. I’ll be sure to chat him up about it next time I see him.

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