Little Paper Planes

I know, I know… Domino wants us to go seek affordable art at 20×200, which is a great resource but I also want to share the site Little Paper Planes with you.

Little Paper Planes offers some exclusive prints, original artwork, apparel, jewelry, accessories and paper goods. LPP labels themselves as an “online store bringing together a community of artists”. You’ll see some familiar artists that also have a space at Etsy or Poppytalk but you’ll also see some stuff you haven’t seen before.

If you’re looking for original works, Little Paper Planes is a good place to start.

I have been considering this print for quite some time. I like to think it’s my husband and I, only hubby doesn’t have a beard or curly hair any more because he’s a corporate man now.

A Look Only You Would Understand – Ashley Goldberg

the estate of things chooses ashley goldberg

Another Time – Rachel Salomon

the estate of things chooses Rachel Salomon

Orange Peacocks – Helen Acraman

the estate of things chooses Helen Acraman

Earrings by We Dream in Colour and a spiral bound notebook, which in my humble opinion is the only way to go because it lays flat. Notebook by Pinecone and Chickadee

the estate of things chooses we dream in colour the estate of things chooses pinecone and chickadee

I couldn’t resist posting this t-shirt designed by No Star T-Shirts

the estate of things chooses no star t-shirtsThanks for playing,


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  • The term corporate man makes me shudder, and BTW, I still have a beard and curly fro in my mind. The woman in the print looks a little more like Bjork than you anyway, and compared to Bjork, even you are corporate! I wouldn’t mind if you bought this for our house though.

  • Sarah can add Reykjavikian to her repertoire of nationalities she is not.

    This print is Rad so please get it!

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