Good Clean Fun

Cleaning that impeccably decorated house can be fun….ah no, not in my opinion.  But buying some chic cleaning products with the good intention of making your house spotless has potential.

Dustpan & brush, Alice Supply Co., $16.50

the estate of things chooses alice supply company dustpan

Toilet Brush, Labour and Wait, 18 GBP or $29.40

the estate of things chooses toilet brush

Vipp trash can, Unica Home, $319 (ouch!)

the estate of things chooses vipp trash can

TubTrugs, Plastica, $18 (large), Why do I love big plastic tubs?

the estate of things chooses tubtrugs

Scrubber, Plastica, $4

the estate of things chooses plastic scrubber with handle

My mother swears that nothing beats a Miele, whether you’re vacuuming a Madeleine Weinrib rug or glossy espresso hardwoods, found one on Ebay here

the estate of things chooses miele silver moon

How could we do a post about cleaning products and leave Mrs. Meyers out, Baby Blossom Detergent, I picked some up at TJ Maxx for half the price.  It smells heavenly and isn’t just for babies.

the estate of things chooses mrs meyers baby blossom

also picked up some shower cleaner at the Maxx…


the estate of things chooses mrs meyers shower cleaner



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  • Its hard to imagine getting excited about cleaning for me too. I love Meyer’s. And Method Products come in a clean package as well.

  • I buy cool cleaning stuff but then never use them… oops.

    (btw the Labour and Wait item – I’d just like to kindly point out that the website is British and priced in pound sterlings, not euros. :) )

  • Target has very similar plastic tubs like the ones you posted for $6. They also have larger ones with rope handles for $8. I was really excited when I saw them…Robert still doesn’t understand why I bought so many.

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