Trend Balloon

I love trends. Trendy Trendy Trends. I love them until I hate them. Here’s one that I don’t hate yet. Balloons!

The Estate of Things chooses A Cup of Jo
A Cup of Jo’s Personalized Save the Date Card is a cutie

The Estate of Things chooses Balloon Lamp by Kyouei Design

The makers of the Liquid Lamp now bring us the balloon lamp.
From Kyouei Design (by way of

The Estate of Things chooses Dior Balloon Ad

Pretty sure this is what started it! Thanks Dior!

The Estate of Things chooses Rockstar Diaries

This is from RockStar Diaries which I learned about via Black*Eiffel which I learned about via Twig & Thistle. That’ll keep ya busy for a hot minute!!

The Estate of Things chooses Photographer Lyndon Wade

Oh ya, and this is from photographer Lyndon Wade

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  • Oh that save the date card is so nifty. Someone told me recently that they don’t make film for Polaroid cameras any more, is that true? What do all of those polaroid lovers out there do?

  • We need John Mode on that topic… but I think what he told me is that people have old film stored away, but when its gone its gone. As of right now, no one has stepped up to manufacture more. SadSad story. However – at the flea market he was able to purchase 3 vintage polaroid cameras in mint condition for $10 for all three.

  • personally i would have put the text of that save the date card on a curved line so it looked like it was really on the balloon, but i dont pretend to know anything about cute art.

  • Thanks for your comment on my St. Patrick’s Day limericks — good to hear you enjoyed them :-)

    That balloon lamp is SO COOL!!!! I like the personalized balloon too :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

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