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Hey y’all, it’s Betsy.

We picked all 68 oranges off of the orange tree a while back and we’ve been having fresh juice for weeks now. It’s a wonderful weekend treat when there is time to pull out the juicer and make the mess.

What are you up to this weekend? Celebrating your fathers and baby daddies, I hope!

Jeff and I are going downtown to the Los Angeles Beer Festival which is kind of like going to Oktoberfest in my home town of Hickory, NC, down on the square. Just kidding… it’s not like that at all. Similarly, there are lots of different craft beer vendors, and we will likely stand in line with tiny cups to taste the creations of the breweries that have been popping up around here like wildfire. I’m excited to seek out the sours.

Over in NC, Sarah and Dan will celebrating all weekend. Not only is Dan a father, but it’s also his birthday and he is 36. I have been soaking that number in recently! We are full on adults now y’all. It’s still a little tough for me to believe. Happy birthday Dan, I hope that you guys have a wonderful weekend full of love and celebration. You and your family are so special to me and I’m so glad they all have you.

Happy Interneting to you guys this weekend. If you find anything good, holler at us!

Have a peek inside a $900k Silverlake home with SoCal boho stylings

This week Jonathan Adler was the guest on the Clever Podcast

There are several conversations that we need to have with our nation, this person resonated with us this week.  

I will always love Sylvia Plath.


TEOT SHOP TALK: The Store Upfit

store upfit

Hi, it’s Betsy.

Today we are going to talk about some exciting stuff. We’re getting a move on with the store upfit in Southern Pines, counting the days toward our September opening.

Below is a floor plan of the shop that we’re using for planning.


The layout is similar to that of an apartment, which is appealing to us when we think of merchandising for home goods and furnishings. Sarah and I both loved the idea of organizing in a way that feels similar to perusing through a home where everything is so delightful, and you can take it away with you should you so wish.


The initial photographs that we have of the space are a bit dark, but they have been serving me well from 3000 miles away, remember I have only seen the space from the outside, craning to see in, smashing my face against the windows and dreaming! Thankfully for FACETIME virtual tours, I have a good idea of what we’re working toward!

So, these images will be trickling out here on the blog as we get into the minor renovations and repairs needed. Some construction began just this week.

What are we up to?

We opened up the wall into the bedroom. We matched a casing with transom that leads into the kitchen on the far wall. This will improve flow between the rooms and share some much needed light from the bedroom into the main floor.

RETAIL SHOP RENOVATIONMain Area looking over toward shared bedroom wall, pre-construction.

RETAIL SHOP RENOVATION BEFOREMain Area looking over toward shared kitchen wall, with existing cased opening and transom. Flanked by recessed shelving.

You can already see what a great improvement this was.

PROGRES REPORT the new transom opening


More to come! Stay tuned, as we are rocking and rolling with our renovation of the shop.


Black and White plus Wood

Hi, it’s Betsy.

I’m moved by all things black and white plus wood lately! Just can’t stop pinning this fantastic combo in many different iterations.

My favorite thing about this job that we’re doing here, is immersing ourselves in design inspiration and then interpreting all that we’ve seen into our own spaces.

I love so many styles, from the sentimental and maximalist touches of boho to the rustic mix of farmhouse modern and of course the midcentury time capsule homes that are ubiquitous here in So Cal. Plus part of me still pines for the style of the cottage and craftsman homes that pepper the state streets of Southern Pines.

A little bit of all of that has made it into own home, and of course lots of it is apparent in my inspiration file.

I’m happy to take from all of these styles and use what I like and what I feel works in my own home.

Thanks to Sarah, I’ve honed in on a look for my new house to aspire to.

One trend that has emerged, both in my inspirations and in practice, is the black and white plus wood combo.

Let’s have a look at some of the inspiration images I have been referencing.

Becki Owens olivia-babarczy-home-3From Becki Owens

Modern in Black White and Wood


the-olivia-palermo-guide-to-styling-your-homefrom MyDomaine

studio mcgee kitchenStudio McGee


Of course, as a color lover, I like to see these elements play as a backdrop to other lively textures and pops of hue.

In our home, we’re working with colorful accents in the way of boho rugs, diy art projects and a boat load of ever-changing African Indigo inventory for SHOP TEOT. Throw in some global textiles, a vibrant vegetable dyed Persian pattern, a little fur for texture, plus some plant life and you have what, in my mind, is the winning combination of the moment.

We’ll call it California Eclectic! It’s a work in progress.

Shaniqua Black White and Wood Combo




the weekend post by the estate of things

Ah, the weekend…

In Los Angeles around this time of year the Jacaranda trees are in bloom and the sky is often a bit gray and gloomy. May Grey & June Gloom are a real thing… it always messes with my nature because despite the fact that I have lived through almost 10 Los Angeles Springs, my body is hardwired for the heat of North Carolina’s Southern sunshine to start sneaking in around this time of year.

So, it’s gray this weekend. But, we got our heat wave this past week and it was a glorious thing. It was so hot in fact that my puppy was crying when we went to the park. We are lucky to live near the ocean breeze and not out there in the valley where he and I baked in the heat during a soccer match.

This weekend we are free. The kids will play with their new AMAZING futuristic virtual reality set and I am off to La Canada to record some vocals for the second album by The Luxembourg Signal.

Sarah will be anxiously awaiting tiles that we bought for the bathroom at the new shop.


Here are some links and things to enjoy with your slow weekend internetting.


Unless your Oprah, Be Yourself is terrible advice.
Are you as tired as I am of hearing the worst advice ever… this article says forget about it… We’re tired of hearing BE YOURSELF. The new new, is be your best self monitored self and fake it till you make it. We knew it all along. I liked this part.

“When we’re looking to change our game, a too rigid self-concept becomes an anchor that keeps us from sailing forth.”

And this part…

No one wants to hear everything that’s in your head. They just want you to live up to what comes out of your mouth.


This week in podcasts I nerded out with Krista Tippett while she interviewed two cultural and social anthropologists in a rather timely political climate about the polarization of our current democratic system, and victoriously a deep dive into the big picture affects that capitalism has on humanity. Whenever a political conversation breaks out among my peers, I am most often quiet. In my head, I’m a champion for capitalism, democracy, the constitution, and the fact that the complexities of failure that our two party politics is presenting is so heart breaking that I can’t bear to participate for lack of wanting to be another bumbling and naive contributor to dumb conversation. So, maybe that makes you disrespect me… I don’t know, that’s why I usually keep my mouth shut.  But if you DO relate to that, or if you like to challenge yourself to think differently about the anecdotes and platitudes of liberal activism… give it a listen. The two interviewees don’t actually agree with one another most of the time, so don’t worry, there is plenty of room in the conversation to ask yourself if you agree or disagree. We would all be better people if we listened to every single episode of On Being.


Sarah and I are sourcing tons of wonderful goods from all over the globe for TEOT. We’re trying to suss out the differences in the numerous wholesale companies. Some simply sell pretty wholesale items to fancy ladies in America. Some build nurturing relationships between global communities. Some provide fair wages for the labor of the artisans. Many of them sell the wares we love and want to look at in the comfort of our homes. It’s led me to do some thinking about giving back in general, more so than just on the granular product level. So, I’m digging in my heels and looking at a few charities. The standout is The Exodus Roada non-profit fighting human slavery and sex trafficking. They seek to help through undercover work and local police raids, on a global scale. It’s immense. My mind hums of fantastic cinematic stories unfolding, but I know that it takes a TON of people to get the job done. So, we’re excited to be narrowing in on a focus for giving.


Happy weekending to you all. I hope my heavy heart isn’t too much to bear on a Saturday morning. It’s gray and gloomy and so it’s got me thinking deeper than your average pretty pillow! <3


Also, sorry for the duplicate images. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I’ll spend the rest of my coffee cup trying to figure it out! 



Hold Me Closer Tiny Bedroom

How to style a tiny bedroom on a tiny budget

Maximize space in your small bedroom

Make a tiny bedroom live large, this afternoon!

10 tiny bedrooms that don’t feel cramped at all

You’ve seen these articles, posts and pins right? I love to click on these features, in fact anything that says “small [insert room]” I’m on it. I’m sure there’s a twinkle in my eye when I pull the monthly House Beautiful from the mailbox and the feature is “Small Spaces”.

I want to see how everyone “lives large in a tiny space” because that usually means either maximalism (heavily collected & decorated) or there’s going to be some sort of innovative organizational tips. I keep thinking I’m going to stumble on some sort of genius way to convince someone & myself that we have a luxe space fit for a sitting area instead of the 10×12 bedroom that they (I) actually have.

nick olsen bedroom


When I think about the best plans for tiny bedrooms, it seems the best course of action is to ensure that the bed takes center stage because that’s all you are really going to be able to do in there–bed down.

tiny bedroom OKL


Some of my favorite small bedrooms focus on maximizing the wall space, whether it be for art or shelving.

tiny bedroom dunham


tiny bedroom2


Canopies are a good idea in small bedrooms because they make the bed feel like a private retreat and they add dimension to a box that doesn’t have architectural character.

tiny bedroom3


Wallpapered feature walls or the entire room can make a small space feel special.

tiny bedroom4

tiny bedroom3


tiny bedroom5


tiny bedroom


tiny bedroom2



On the hunt: Upholstered Arm Chairs for Dining

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I’ve been on the hunt for the right solution to our current problematic set of Eames Eiffel knockoffs.

They are constantly needing a tightening of the screws below, but recently one has slipped completely off and is now basically a rocking chair for one of the little squiggle butts that joins us at our family table for dinners. Additionally, we occasionally like to sit around the table for a long long night of board games with the kids and adult butts grow weary of these hard shell plastic seats in no time.

As a result, we have pulled in my midcentury mohair club chairs and they do the trick. They are SO comfortable and our crew often calls dibs on the arm chairs quickly. But Sarah said no bueno, and while I’m often inclined to disregard her directive (just kidding), she’s right… they are too big visually. We need something in a similar shape, but a bit more petite to compliment the beauty of the table that Heffe Ikea-Hacked for us after the glass top was broken in our move.

This past weekend, while taking in a fellow design blogger Amber ‘s most recent client install post, I was struck by the dining chairs. I texted “where?” to Sarah, and naturally she responded right away with a link to them on Wisteria’s website. She must have the entire internet of things memorized. Respect!

I balked at the idea of spending $1400 for a set of 4 for a minute and then began my usual search and research for other similar options so that I could better understand the price point and the features that I most liked. My lucky stumble was a “similar enough” version from Target for $199 per chair, that I believe I can easily and inexpensively have slipcovers sewn up for.

Sarah and I had a chat about the current status of the dining room, the proximity of the leather bar stools and the lack of drapery on the windows. She mentioned that I might consider a wishbone chair or a classic shaker style dining chair. But after looking around, we agreed that an upholstered arm chair would bring in a much needed soft texture into the mix.  Knowing that I can easily switch out the slipcovers from a neutral to a bold pattern makes the room feel versatile and exciting.

Though we will be compromising just a bit on the finish of the legs and the overall ratio of dimensions between arm and back height, paying $759 for 4 chairs (because they have a 15% off discount for online orders) instead of $1400 seems MUCH more reasonable.

Of course, before we pull the trigger, I’m wont to hit my thrift store circuit, in case the thrift store gods shine on me and I miraculously stumble upon a set of vintage Milo Baughmans for $30 each.

I’m always motivated by a deal.

The graphic below provides a look at the various options that I found while looking. I’d love to hear from you if have any sources for upholstered arm chairs that I missed while searching.

on the hunt slipcovered arm chairs by the estate of things

Wisteria  |  Target  |  West Elm  |  All Modern  |  CB2  |  Crate & Barrel





Streaming on Sofas

Remember this new meme that Sarah and I started… and by meme I mean, blog post feature where we pick our a fav fantasy sofa on which to perch while we marathon a recent television obsession? We do it sheerly for the purpose of being able to talk about television in a home decor related way here on this home decor blog!!!?

Yay. Let’s dive into episode two!




Mr. RobotBryght Sven

Very 1984, but this time we’re revolutionizing and taking back society with the help of high level hackers. Dark, technologically charged and constantly questioning the share or — rather overshare of our lives and ourselves on the internet. Mr. Robot is dark, intense and it sometimes leaves us wondering what reality is.



TogethernessRoger + Chris’ Basel

Die-hard Amanda Peet fans and fans of the Duplass brothers will certainly enjoy this HBO comedy/drama. I feel like every show that I watch about thirty-somethings is examining fidelity and identity or the loss of it and this show is no exception.




The People vs. OJ Simpson + Ethan Allen’s Melrose

In June of 1994 I was 13 years old, a little young to understand all that was happening but I was aware. This was a great series and it was fun to do some fact checking along the way. A must see this year. I can’t wait to see the actors that played Marcia Clark and Chris Darden playing other roles in the future. A companion show of sorts is the ESPN 30 for 30 called June 17, 1994. The short film intertwines the O.J. Bronco chase with record setting sporting events, it was a crazy week.


Want more smart TV marathon suggestions!? Want more fantasy seating options while streaming? Here’s episode one of Streaming on Sofas!



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hairodynamics the weekend

Hi, it’s Betsy.

It’s been a minute since we did a fun Weekend post… the post where we toss out a few links for a good weekend morning coffee and iPad time.

This long weekend I have some Ikea shelves to put together for the master bedroom, a temporary solution to solve our storage and organization challenges that have been lingering since our move. We also have a fun library ladder to put together for the little girl’s room, so we can climb and store extra toys and things in empty alcove space above her closet, oh and I need to work on the crab grass that is pushing its way between the bricks in my back patio.

Additionally, we are going to head over to the dude’s brother’s new house and help them with their updates that they are making to their Midcentury Ranch that they just bought. They were thrilled with Sarah’s “Cure for the Common Ranch” post and are now talking about busting out walls and doors! I can’t wait to go see what they are starting with, I love a good house renovation fantasy.

Here are some media recommendations that we can make for whatever YOU are getting into this weekend!

With great influence, comes great responsibility.
If you are a blogger, or curious about how the big time bloggers (not us) make their living, You might be interested to know that this fashion blogger just signed an exclusive deal as a brand evangelist, reportedly the largest deal made to date. She has about 3 million Instagram followers and thus will be shilling for lip glosses and face scrubs directly to her legions of fangirls. But it leads some to question the nature of social media authenticity if someone is getting paid a huge amount to so directly influence purchases. The FTC, a government agency charged with consumer protection, is NOT into the undisclosed method of product promotion via social and most sponsored content does not meet requirements. This media source calls it “dirty advertising.” Read about it here, and if you want to save your eyeballs from bleeding with detail – skip past all the FTC explanation and just head on down to the instagrams examples where you will get facts like SOME GIRL GOT PAID $15k FOR A SINGLE INSTAGRAM POST and can now charge more cause she topped a million followers.

PODCAST OF THE WEEK: JV Club – Mental Illness with Maria Bamford.
That is NOT the official name of that conversation, but it’s my takeaway and Holy SMOKES this hit hard and fast. We don’t need to delve too deeply into mental illness here on sweet TEOT, but on the surface I will say that if you have personal experience with it, or know and love someone near and dear to you with struggles, this podcast was fun, funny and totally deep on the levels of discussion between two creative artistic souls who have had their own dealings with suicide attempts, food disorders and diagnoses… and both lived to tell the tales. They are funny, and leaning on humor is my favorite way to approach really important topics!

We thought the studio at One Kings Lane was hot… but check out the MyDomaine exclusive tour of their entire office digs
Seriously, when photos of the studio at OKL started to surface the internets Sarah and I were awash with inspiration. We both pounced and immediately propped the images up on pinterest boards with our own dreams for our own shop aesthetic in mind. It’s good stuff. We were equally thrilled to see the OKL take on startup style where it comes to office culture. If I could be 20 again, I’d be doing my damnest to get on the digital team and take up a spot at that conference table.

Last but certainly not least of all: SNAPCHAT
I’m trying so hard to get into this platform that has been around for a long time but y’all its CRAZY. My old lady soul just doesn’t understand why I’d want to record myself and then see it disappear in 24 hours. But here is where I’m at with it. I posted “a day in the life of snapchat” video to my Facebook feed and you can view that here. It is not without humor, since I sent a private message to my entire world of 4 followers. The most joy that I AM deriving from Snapchat comes in the form of stalking on other bloggers and friends and folks that actually have embraced the ephemery and are now posting the most mundane, yet terribly humane glimpses into their days. I’m now hooked to catching up with people’s days at the end of mine. The dude HATES when I watch the snapchats because to him it just sounds like a lot of weird girls with noisy whining and/or over-excitement. But I’ve gotten a front row ticket to the behind the scenes LCDQ events, a Beyonce concert (oddly enough  from like 6 different viewpoints) and even such voyeuristic glimpses into people’s closet choices as they pick out outfits before first dates. It’s weird… but my ever curious appreciation for what makes us human is watching on like a true stalker. Y’all on it? Or are we all too old for this business?

The end… Happy weekending! Love you.





Rachel’s Beach Bungalow: A Quickie Design Project

A few weeks ago a good friend and former colleague of mine hit me up for some design advice on her sweet Beach Bungalow in Santa Monica.

She’s lived in her rent controlled studio for 12 years and isn’t about to give up such a stellar location, but after a recent promotion from her PR role into a big-time producer gig, she was ready for an update to take her home life to the next level as well.

We put our heads together and easily identified a few key pieces that needed to be replaced to give the space new life. After my visit, I went home and started sketching out some ideas.


I’d really love nothing more than to get into her space with one of those crazy-awesome organization gurus. We’d pull every item she’s collected over the past 12 years out, and then put it all back in super thoughtful “tiny house” fashion. She could really gain from tons of earthquake-safe wall shelving for her necessary CD collection, a custom under-the-bed platform with drawers, and a new privacy partition to separate the living space from her sleeping space…

but with rent control comes a rather unforgiving landlord who vows she will evict if Rachel so much as puts a hole in the wall. Fantasy design bubble, burst.

So, we are taking baby steps first, and we will see what happens with a shopping list that stands to give the studio a new patina.

I put together the design board that you see above, and we created a Pinterest board. Rachel is new to Pinterest but she seems to have really enjoyed the experience of seeing new items and ideas pop up on the board as we were each brainstorming from home. I utilized the captions to explain my thoughts to her for each choice and then we would text back and forth while she was out shopping.

This of course ended up in a shopping trip that we took together to identify the perfect sofa to buy. We were looking high and low for a low to mid-range price turquoise sofa with mid-century lines and a shallow seating bed for her small apartment, and small self. She is just over 5 feet tall. The best option we found was a sofa by Gus Modern that was SO close, but just not quite right and twice the budget.

So we took to customizing it and we almost pulled the trigger on a custom design, until the perfect sofa called out to her from the window of a Los Feliz showroom, on sale no less.

CUsomt plus Los Feliz Sofa copy

I love working with Rachel because not only is she super trusting and open to any and all advice, but she was also really ready to pull some triggers! She has sent me a note or two about her new turquoise sofa along with the ikea console and lamp and she says it already feels like a tremendous difference!!!

Rachel Beach Bungalow Design Board copy

Rachel’s Pinterest Board


What’s Next?

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It’s Betsy. Today I’m sharing some random images and thoughts that are on my mind of late! My brain is all aspin over what is next. What is next for interior design? What is next for TEOT as a biz, what is next for products that we all want in our homes!?

Let’s get after it!


vintage african indigo mudcloth extra long fringe denimFirst off, this Fringe is stellar. You can buy it for $25 off if you use this code: TOOGOOD


baskets on the wall via honestlywtfWe’ve got some wall decor coming our way.
via HonestlyWTF


a bold unique kitchenThis is a rather bold kitchen, but I’m intrigued. Is this a modern interpretation of the Postmodern 80’s Memphis Style? This is starting to whisper to me. I know the world at large isn’t ready for this much color and mixed material, but it starts with a whisper.


Consort Design diagonal wall paintSee!?
Lately, I am loving on Consort Design via InstagramImage via Design-Milk


adorable store display at as of nowIsn’t this AS OF NOW store display adorable. Little vignettes in each cube.
Next up for TEOT SHOP TALK, we need to dig into merchandising design!


black white and woodOne of these days I’m gonna illustrate my passion for all things white, black and wood in a blog post.
via Camille Styles


let the beauty of what you love be what you doTell me all about it Rumi.


memphis style is seeping inY’all, that postmodern 80’s design is seeping into our world. Love it, or Hate it?


more words for the wise dont be delicate be vast and brillianIt’s always good to be reminded to strive for brilliance! ;)


the estate of things ten best bohemian shops on etsyYay, thank you Laura for including TEOT!!! 


vintage textiles african hmong mudcoth indigoAnd lastly, thanks for buying up all of our stock at SHOP TEOT.
It’s time to replenish our vintage textiles haul!


What’s NEXT?




The Cure for The Common Ranch

The best way I’ve found to alter the ranch style house that was so prolific for decades is to OPEN that space up.

The key to updating and opening that place up is to find a ranch with the right bones. The right bones is a house that has the living area and ideally the kitchen along the back of the house. Why? So you can open up the back wall and be in harmony with your backyard and flood the place with light and fresh air.

You can open the house up in a more extreme way with accordion doors or even a garage style door that lifts.

ranch open6 ranch open4 ranch open3


ranch open


ranch open2


ranch french4


ranch french2

Or on a smaller scale with a bank or banks of full view french doors.

ranch french7




ranch french6


ranch french3


ranch french

Later we can talk about things like double-sided fireplaces, beams, board and batten ceilings and additions all healers for the rancher.

ranch addition


SHOP TALK: Our Unique Value Proposition

unique value proposition

Holy WOW, we have keys… in hand.

This is moving along at lightning pace and it’s an exciting time!

It’s also a bit scary, as I just watched our biz bank account take a hit for that first bout of rent + deposits, etc. This is no joke. Buckle up Sarah!

Shop Talk is the new series where Sarah and I document our journey toward opening up our first brick and mortar shop in Southern Pines, NC.

Okay, so for today’s Shop Talk, let’s jump into a business best practice that Sarah and I have been thinking about since day one, and that is identifying our unique value proposition.

Successful entrepreneurs, internet wide, always have some version of this to say:


It’s no small wonder there are about 5 jillion motivational posters on Pinterest hand penned by ladies like us, reminding ourselves that the dream is free but the hustle is sold separately.

Whether one seeks to be Refinery29’s next big Ladyboss or just a humble shopkeeper selling wares to a small community in North Carolina… it’s a valuable business practice to identify a mission and a unique value proposition at the outset.

So, we are looking to define our true north.


Follow our journey on Instagram, via #TeotShopTalk

In order to keep ideas in check and values in place, we intend to look to a statement of values, a commitment to our future and to our partnership. We promise to consult our mission for guidance along the way. Through growth and through hardship! Forever and ever Amen. You may now kiss the bride.

Yeah yeah,but it’s not feeling done just yet. I’m not publishing it because it’s perfect, I’m sure it is terrible… but we’re in this together at this point, so I’m trying to put my finger on the language.

So yeah, the following is a work in progress:



The Estate of Things was founded in 2007. We are a growing online interior design and home decor brand, presenting a strategic plan for expansion into an eCommerce Home Goods Sales with a flagship Brick & Mortar store in Southern Pines, NC.



The Estate of Things, since 2008, curates and publishes original content to entertain, inform and delight fellow home decor and real estate enthusiasts.

Additionally, The Estate of Things produces/provides the following products/services:

  • Architectural Renovation & Consultation 
  • Interior Design & Home Decor Consultation 
  • Custom Furniture & Home Decor Product Development 
  • Space Planning 
  • A curated selection of home decor accessories and “eclectibles” for sale in our shop, online and in our physical retail location(s).


Plans for Expansion or Growth

The Estate of Things seeks a commercial space for a brick and mortar home decor retail shop in Moore County, NC as well as the launch of self-hosted and self-supported Ecommerce website with select vendors and a curated collection of goods.


How is TEOT different?

  • Proven successful presence in the interior design community online for over 8 years. 
  • Bevy of biz skills, the principles cover an impressive number of traits required for launching and maintaining a business. 
  • Exposure online
    • via 30k pageviews a month for our current publishing platform 
    • a combined reach of over 8k fans and followers across multiple social media platforms. 
    • a growing email subscriber list 
    • contacts in the press and media world 
  • We compel shoppers to experience our collection of products and our services through a high touch editorial lens.
    • First we meticulously identify our product offering 
    • then daily we present products and ideas in an editorial light, inspiring delight and driving desire through the curator’s lens, a presentation that design lovers throughout the nation have come to love, expect, even demand online. 
  • Through our Makers Collective program, we collaborate with makers and manufacturers on exclusive custom products available only to the TEOT 
  • On select goods, The Estate of Things works directly with manufacturers and makers to ensure your custom home goods meet the highest standards. We compete with other eCommerce retailers by passing on the benefit of our manufacturing relationships directly onto the customer, while we take care of the design decisions on their behalf.



Trends: Hats as Art & Display

Last year I was in a fantastic thrift/antique spot in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with one of my favorite girls on the planet. Myrtle Beach has a few redeeming qualities, one of those is that my best friend of 20 years (what!) lives there. Among lots of treasures, there were three straw hats hanging on the wall. I tried to explain to Amanda that we could group some in her entryway to make an artistic display or statement of sorts but also to channel a beach vibe but not in an obvious “Beach Life” distressed wood sign kind of way. I couldn’t convince her BUT maybe if I would’ve shown her these images, she could’ve seen it. If you need to pretty up your entry way a little or make a cool statement on the wall, this is an easy way to do it.

Behold –hats as art. I’ll race you to the straw hats in Goodwill!

Designer Tom Scheerer is way in to it. When I saw those hats at the shop I immediately thought of some of Scheerer’s entries.









hats trunk


hats shop


hats mirror


hats ladder

I’d like the bamboo sofa that cool girl is standing on.

hats b+w

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