Trends: Persian Rugs

My most recent fascination with persian rugs snuck up on me, and suddenly I’m all about ’em.

Are you guys on top of this already?

I articulated my fascination through an image that I snapped on one of the house tours I was on. You may have seen it already. I’ve since used it for several graphics here on the blogo. Since I kept going back to this, I decided to start my own hunt.


It’s hard to call the Persian rug a “trend” when it is such a classic and traditional choice, but below I’ve gathered a few examples that we feel are a super hot modern application. Ones that make us feel all wanty for our own persian rug!

They look so inviting in a hallway, unexpected in a kitchen, and sophisticated in a nursery!

I’ve come across so many different patterns in my pursuit, all hand knotted by tribes from different regions of Iran. My understanding is that it is this provenance that makes them a true Persian. Turkish rugs can be quite similar in style and design and I imagine that we are all fans of the now ubiquitous Turkish kilim. All of these rugs fall under the category of Oriental Rug – which I suppose is a broad enough term to aid you in your search.

I like digging through the piles and keeping my eye out for the rusty earthy oranges, the fiery crimson reds and the berry pink bases mixed with blues. As soon as I realized that this was a real obsession I started digging through Craigslist until I found my guy (and I even got one for my dollhouse project).

I recently read that VISS rugs are a rare find to keep your eye out for. They have nomadic patterns that are typified by a single hexagonal shape in the middle, bordered all along the edge. Their overall aesthetic leans more geometric than floral, which sounds appealing to me. That also sounds similar to the rug that I found on Craigslist, pictured here. But, I’m about 99% sure that what I scored from Craigslist is actually vintage Ikea. I’m pleased to find that it does appear to be hand-knotted. Ikea carried a lovely oriental option for awhile, called the Persisk, but if you compare the UK Ikea offering to the current US Ikea rug offering, you’ll see we’re not as lucky here in the states.

Here are few that I’ve been peaking at.


Ikea once had a nice collection of persian inspired rugs. Here is one that I found online in the UK.


From Etsy Seller UniqueRugStore
I’d look into this one. The seller is in Istanbul and I believe that would make this less Persian, and more Turkish. But I’ve had some luck with ordering specialty items from Istanbul based Etsy shops.

Persian-Rug-Love-by-The-Estate-of-ThingsBordered Cross Rug – from Target
This machine-made option is priced right for those of you that want the look for easy access. It looks great in this photo, but at that price point I can’t help wonder if it’s not a better idea to dig a bit deeper and find a deal on a hand-knotted option, like the one from Etsy.


Here is a more geometric pattern – a feature of the rugs woven in VISS.

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