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A Kitchen Faucet Roundup

I recently embarked on a faucet finding mission for my Atlanta clients. I explored all of the usual sources but learned about some new ones and unlocked the mystery of the source of that tall faucet with the long spray attachment pictured in these beautiful kitchens.

metal mcdonald redo

metal commercial faucet

And here’s the roundup,

faucet roundup

1 Waterstone Gantry 2 Waterstone Towson 3 Waterstone Pulldown 4 Waterworks Julia 5 Rocky Mountain Hardware 6 Whitehaus Vintage III 7 Waterworks Easton

The matte brass finish on the Rocky Mountain faucet (#5) looks really exceptional but my favorite find was the Waterstone pulldown, here it is in action,

faucet waterstone in action

Salt Lake Magazine

If you want to learn more about choosing your style of kitchen faucet, see this handy guide!



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5 Responses
  • Michael Zinniger
    October 29, 2014

    Sarah – Thanks for your great Kitchen Faucet Roundup article. We are very flattered you included our Waterstone Faucets in this post. I will be sure to follow you on Twitter to hopefully see more.

  • Betsy Moyer
    November 3, 2014

    That faucet is lovely! Sarah always has the best finds!
    Thanks for stoping by Michael!

  • Jesse
    December 30, 2017

    Where is the faucet from in that photo?

    • Betsy
      January 8, 2018

      Which photo Jesse?
      If you are talking about the first photo, it’s the Waterstone Gantry. The third photo also features a waterstone faucet. We linked up all of our selections plus a few other great options in the shop collage. Hope that helps.

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