Choosing Kitchen Faucets

If you’ve taken on a kitchen renovation project on your own or just want to make some affordable upgrades the time will come when you have to select a faucet. All of the design details like faucets, hardware and tile join together to make a unique kitchen that is personal and functional. Some homeowners wait until they are prompted by the builder or plumber to get the faucet and are pressed for time while others are prepared and already have all of their fixtures ordered ahead of time. After choosing several for my own projects and some for clients I think I’ve got the process down.

First let’s get familiar with the common faucet styles,

faucet styles


Not every faucet is created equal and whether you’re remodeling or upgrading your kitchen, consider the style of the space before you buy just any old faucet. Bridge faucets look just as fantastic in brownstone kitchens as they do in a Birmingham farmhouse but carefully consider what fits your kitchen and what will be most functional for your lifestyle and habits in the kitchen. Look at the lines of the faucet and consider whether or not you’ll still like it in 10-15 years.


Do you want to be a part of the brass resurgence or are you like me and think it’s pretty to look at for now…and then everyone will return again to their silver finishes whether it be polished chrome or nickel? Some manufactures offer more finish choices than others. Waterworks has just over a dozen different metal finishes while Kohler offers only five finishes for it’s popular Purist bridge faucet. Also consider whether or not you’re open to mixing metals in the kitchen or if you want all fixtures and hardware to coordinate.


Let me upgrade ya’. There are a few things to consider before deciding to upgrade an existing faucet; like how many holes are drilled in to the existing countertop or what is the depth between the sink and the window sill or backsplash. It’s a good idea to consult a plumber on the logistics of installation or a designer who has experience in renovating or kitchen design.





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