Know Your Neighborhood: Chimbley House

My parents and I like to drive around and look at all the beautiful homes in our area for inspiration and appreciation, long ago my Dad dubbed this activity “Know Your Neighborhood”. Its a time waster for sure and sometimes on our touring rounds we’ve discovered properties that had renovation potential.

I’ve implored Betsy to do it a couple of times, once in Culver City, CA and then another time in Pasadena where I got some photos of some beautiful houses posted here.

This time, our “KYN” tour keeps us local.  We recently received an email from our neighbors Mike and Annie informing us of a going away party for one of other neighbors. The party just happens to be occuring on the same day as DC’s party so I don’t think we’ll be able to make it. But I think you’ll find Mike and Annie’s home called The Chimbley House, to be quite interesting.

The Chimbley House was featured in a local publication called Pinestraw.

My favorite part is definitely the kitchen and the fig fern growing along the wall.

“North Carolina wasn’t on our radar. We never dreamed of ending up here. But sometimes we just sit out in the yard and think we’re in the best place in the world.” – Annie Hallinan 

Chimbley House

Chimbley House 2

Chimbley House 3

Chimbley House 4

Chimbley House 5

Chimbley House 7

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