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Happy Saturday! That’s right, it’s actually the weekend!

Sarah will be workin’ on the weekend, running by the Bennett Kitchen to snap a few photos and get some final touches in order. We’re so excited to see this lovely kitchen renovation wrapping up.

Betsy is mourning the loss of yet another real estate offer. (That’s now 6 and counting.) She and the dude are considering loosening the lines of the search parameters again before giving up. It’s time to get creative. Sarah is trying to push Betsy in to looking at this fixer, not entire sure Heffe would be in to it.

We hope that you find a moment to enjoy a lazy me moment at some point this weekend to soak in a few of the discoveries that we’ve loved this past week.

Sarah recently bought a casual pair of pillow covers she had been tracking for a while from Hokoda. She loves that they are cotton so her girls can toss them around freely. Hokoda has a new site called Bohem with all kinds of stuff that we predict you’ll love as much as we do!

Betsy was recently waxing dreams about tie-dyeing her sofa. Amazingly enough, she’s gone and done it. I’m sure more info is forthcoming, but for now peep a sneak peek of the tie-dye sofa on Instagram – and check out Brothers Dye House in LA. They will do the same mineral wash treatment for you (via mailorder) if you are feeling crazy. Alternatively, you can pick from a fan of Pantone Colors for a solid update to your tired slipcover. We can’t recommend these guys enough, they are super solid.

We like Sarah M. Dorsey every week, but we particularly loved this week’s tutorial on a sweet banana leaf botanical print DIY project that we should all strive to emulate. We’ll be playing with our own camera settings soon to see what we can create! Great inspiration.

Orlando (pronounced in such a way that rhymes with CONDO, who knew?) is moving in with his love and with this new adventure comes a whole new renovation. We’re sure this will be a pleasure to follow, so get the scoop on his initial brainstorms here on the E Hendo blog.

Betsy recently took a lunch jaunt to Sweetfin Poke in Santa Monica, and while the fish bowl was incredible the interior design and decor was downright moving. Betsy snapped a pic, and incredibly enough it caught the eye of DesignSponge via the #DSblues instagram challenge.

Meanwhile, this led us down a rabbit hole toward Studio Collective, the design trio behind aforementioned Sweetfin Poke. The crew is carving out an inspiring portfolio of lovely spaces that evoke all the essential SoCal vibez. Rich in texture, broad in influence, casual in its sophistication, and effortless in its meticulously carefree vibe, their portfolio includes the Goodland Hotel in Santa Barbara, a spot that we’ve been dying to check out. They also are the brains behind The Bungalow, which we were just raving about before we put it all together under one name. So, it’s all come full circle. We’re fans!

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That’s it y’all. Have a lovely weekend!


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