Indiana Project: Exterior paint color #3

Folks, I’m happy to report that I will not be painting the Indiana house a fourth time. The house is now Sherwin Williams Outerspace with Toque White trim.

3rd exterior paint job

new trim

We finally stuck the landing. And no the dental molding will not remain blue, it was just a little trial and error.

A neighbor drove by after the paint color had been changed for the 3rd and final time. She looked at the painter standing in the front yard and threw her arms up in the air as if to say “what next!” Maybe the paint fiasco drew more attention to the house and could prove to be beneficial in the long run. Lets hope so.

Now its on to porch stain, foundation color and front door color selection.

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  • This so so pretty. I love the blue. However, when I looked up Sherwin Williams Outerspace it looked really very grey. Like I never would have called it blue. Is the house more grey in real life? Sorry, we’re looking to pain about this color, too…but we just can’t figure out what color to go with.

    Thanks so much!

    • In real life blue is the dominant hue. Always sample, sample, sample. Sunlight devours dark paint colors so make sure it will stand up to any light.

  • Just came across this blog, while searching for exterior paints by Sherwin Williams. I like the blue, or may be gray, based on the light. Do you find the color looking very gloomy on a rainy or cold day?! I live in Illinois, so similar wether to Indiana. Love the yellow door! Brightens up everything.

    • Hey there,

      So the house is in Southern Pines, North Carolina but we have rainy days here too. I find this color to read unquestionably blue most of the time, rain or shine. I think it would look great in IL!

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