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Looking for the right Ankle Boots

by Sarah on November 24, 2014, no comments

Timeout from the house for a minute if you don’t mind.

I am not great at shoe selection for some reason, I can’t explain it –I’m just challenged. My shoe wardrobe is severely limited and recently I made the conscious decision to go shoe shopping and seek out the right ankle boot. And generally I have to ease in to trends so its taken me a couple of seasons ok but I’m there now, I’m ready.

Things I knew going in that I needed to consider would include; comfort, flexibility (will they work for a wide range of outfits) and price. Things I learned once I started trying on in the Nordstrom shoe department; height of the boot (I have short legs I’m only 5’2″), whether or not it had buckles and was it a pull-on or had a zipper. Ultimately I think the most important elements for me in this search were the height of the boot and the heel height. I think that my frame and height tend to look better in a shorter ankle boot and I have to be careful not to look as a friend recently said, “like a gnome”.

So here’s the field,

ankle boots

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Dining With Family

by Sarah on November 13, 2014, 3 comments

When consulting with my Charlotte clients on what to do with their formal dining room, I suggested that they mount picture ledges to set the stage for an ever-changing gallery of family photos and artful mementos. Although their art collection was scant, they had a lot of great images of their family and rather than scatter those throughout the house or stage a gallery up the stairs or in the hallway–which are all fine ideas, we decided that displaying those in the dining room was a solid idea. This concept is not formal but it does suit the client’s casual, family centered approach to dwelling in their house.

Put in to practice– this is what you can get,

dining room pics5


dining room pics6

Home of India Hicks,

dining room pics3

another view of same arrangement in Hicks’ home,

dining room pics7


Corso Como


dining room pics4



Coral and Olive for Kate’s Cottage

by Betsy Moyer on November 11, 2014, no comments

Yesterday I snuck into Kate’s house while she was away at work. I was there to walk her little funny face dog, but while I was there, I couldn’t help but zhush the space up a bit and snap a few pics, because lo and behold – homegirl took that advice from the previous Kate’s Cottage Re-Do plan that I had blogged earlier. The apartment feels nice and as Sarah put it, “slightly more glamorous and quiet” than planned. It’s true, and it is in a good way. Here is a check-in.

Now, don’t get too bored with me. This is not a professional photo shoot job, I was just lurking around with my iPhone. But it felt sweet inside on this cloudy Brentwood day, and I wanted to share our progress with you. There are still a few things to do before we call in Tessa Neustadt for the after shots.

  1. Get some better hanging hardware for those curtains. I suggest these.
  2. Find the right fabrics to update the pillows and dining chairs.
  3. Grab a fun and moody rug for layering atop the jute area rug.
  4. Find some art for that large open frame and a piece (how about a textile) for the wall closer to the door.
  5. Add some life with some plants.

I’ve been leaning more and more towards the color combo of Coral and Olive for Kate’s Cottage projects. Here is a little inspiration from the webz. How do we like the softer palette?

Coral and Olive by Emily HendersonEmily Henderson

Coral and Olive by Black Crow Studios Traditional Home Robert Passal Black Crow StudiosTraditional Home / Robert Passal / Black Crow Studios

Tom Dixon Copper Pendant with Olive Green Pouchard StoolCopper Pendant paired with Olive Pouchard Stools


House Hunting – Disappointment

by Betsy Moyer on November 7, 2014, no comments


Whew! In the past two and a half weeks we’ve visited three homes in Altadena and placed offers on two of them, and LOST BOTH. And even though this home tour is old news… I’m still pleased to look at the photos and think what if…

Truly, I’m pushing to remain about as hopeful and positive as I can throughout this process. It’s really started to feel like a game. Losing out on this house (number 3 of 4), wasn’t so bad because I could immediately set my sites on the fourth that I showed you previously. But by now, I admit, I’m feeling a little defeated.

Throughout this process, I just absolutely pour over the photographs of hundreds of home, but when I find one that we visit that we think can work, I grow a bit obsessive. It’s fun if not borderline unhealthy, but I have no self control. I just love to flip through pics and dream up ideas for renovation and decoration.

Our friend Billy showed us this particular Midcentury Modern, and that is what steered the dude and I toward Altadena. We were already pondering moving the home search out of the Westside because it was feeling like we’d exhausted our options. The disappointment of the last few westside tours really helped me to realize that the budget wasn’t going to get us what we deeply wanted in terms of our lifestyle at home – it felt like we should expand our search.

The time capsule quality of this particular home, plus a nice night exploring town with our soon to be neighbor friends got me all bent on living in this sweet hillside community just north of Pasadena.It was easy enough to wrap my head around decorating, and I was stoked about all of the space, the night time glow of the city over the vast landscape in the backyard, and a spot for the camper, plus just the right amount of opportunity to update kitchens, bathrooms, etc. If nothing else, the experience definitely cemented a big move from Santa Monica to Altadena as a true prospect for the dude and I.