New Additions: Bathroom Design

It’s always good to seek serious inspiration when starting from the studs right!?

Here are a few of the images that make me feel good about finding a direction for the downstairs bath in our new addition.

I’m continually reminding myself of the use case. Much like the hallway bathroom upstairs now, this will primarily be a guest bathroom with the dream teen duo giving it heavy use on the weekends and holiday weeks where they come to live with us.

They primarily shower, and really most people in the world do at this point. (Not me though, raise your hand if you exclusively bathe.)

After deliberation, we decided to go with a tub/shower combo rather than a tiled shower only.

I was on the fence for awhile, since I felt like a fully tiled shower situation would be fun to design. But in the end we went for versatility and settled on a roomy 60×36 tub, and that is that.

The tub situation looks pretty sweet with these two.

I have all but finalized the decision to stack tile similar to the image below. Jeff and I discussed its trendiness but I just can’t bring myself to do a classic subway at this point, not here. This is not a modern farmhouse and I live in California.

Sarah seemed resistant, but I’m interested in the same Moroccan cement tile that we used in the little bath at the first SHOP TEOT brick and mortar in Southern Pines.

I have searched black and white tile patterns the world over and this is still my fav. We talked a lot about a matte black hex and we are definitely using that in the bar.

But around here, everyone is on board with the geometric cement tile seen above. Of course I’m sentimental about it having been in the shop. But I feel like all of these choices are liquid until they really start coming together.

SHOP TEOT Bathroom The estate of things

The bathroom at our first brick and mortar shop.

Thus far, this is what the brainstorm is looking like. I would love to have purchased the $8k vanity of my dreams but this is the $2.6k version that we could settle on after reading reviews and doing our due diligence. It helps me to realize that a black tile is really not gonna be the direction we go b/c I already selected the black countertop and that trigger has been irreversibly pulled. I’m also leaning in on the matte black faucet finishes, lighting etc… So now it’s just gonna be about these final tile wall tile selections.

It’s all gonna go down soon!

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