Mixing Metals in the Kitchen

Mixed company-

I feel a bit apprehensive about mixing metals in the kitchen. So to get warmed up to mix on a current project I’m working on for an Atlanta family I gathered this round up to make an argument…for myself.

We’re leading off strong with all the metals present in this kitchen designed by Mary McDonald. Bronze cabinet hardware, brass pendants and silver faucet whether it be nickel or chrome. What is going on with that faucet, it has a very traditional, antique look but then it has a tall spray attachment.

metal mcdonald redo

This is a second view of the same kitchen,

metal macdonald

Arguably more tame combo, silver faucet + brass pendants over island + brass cabinet hardware

metal brass pendants

In this kitchen designed by Jessica Helgerson, we’re back to mixing all three again. Bronze in the lighting, brass on the cabinets and a silver pot filler and faucet,

metal helgerson

The Hicks pendants over the island bring the brass here. They are combined with a silver faucet and what is that bronze cabinet hardware? Also note, brass railheads on the barstools, there is a brassy element in the marble backsplash too.

metals all mixed Hicks pendant

Again with that faucet with the tall spray attachment that is silver matched with brass cabinet hardware and a brass chandelier above the island,

metal commercial faucet

The bronze hardware almost passes muster here with me but no not quite, I think they should’ve stuck with the brass and then used their bronze pendant, brass bridge faucet

metals brass faucet

This kitchen is a Hillary Thomas design, the bronze library sconce above the sink + aged brass on lantern light fixture above island + (and this is wacky) chrome diner bar stools and a silver faucet, pot filler and cabinet hardware,

metal OKL kitchen

The two tone cabinets are pretty on trend, actually most of the elements in this image are fairly trendy. But here we have a bronze cord on glass pendant, silver faucet, silver shelving brackets paired with brass cabinet hardware,

metal all mixed

This is almost like not actually mixing because its so subtle, but the pendant looks antique with brass and then everything else has a silver-toned finish. Coincidentally, if my Atlanta peeps are reading–you’ll notice the round sink in the island, ah!

Although we are seeing only a mix here, a lot of designers that I have a great appreciation for do not mix or at most they’ll pair silver faucets and hardware with bronze light fixtures–which is completely safe in my opinion. I don’t know that I’m convinced either way.

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