Grout Cottage: Overhangs & Such

To reviewthe Grout Cottage is a Queen Anne built in 1895. It is a duplex and we are presently remodeling the ground floor apartment. Here’s the introduction post to the house.

The rooms have taken shape, all the sheetrock has been hung and mud applied and sanded. We’re ready for the big trim out.

I spent about an hour + talking about the right overhang for the back door. I should’ve taken some pictures of my carpenter Joseph putting head in hands. I know he loves the special kind of torture that I put him through.

Here is the back door. I know it still looks very sad but don’t worry it will get better. The deeper yellow patch to the left of the door is all new wood lap siding!

grout cottage back door

Going in to the conversation about the overhang, I did the crew the great service of narrowing it down to two different designs.

The first overhang option,

copper overhang


And the second option,

A frame overhang

There were some impediments which made the decision difficult including the placement of my exterior lighting choice (sconce), the highest possible point for the pitch of the overhang and the siding.

In the end we collectively decided that the 2nd option, the a-frame would be best. It echoes the shape of the gables, its not too fancy (it’s the back door) and it can accompany my exterior sconce next to the door.

Check out the Grout Cottage inspiration board on Pinterest!

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  • Hey there,

    Where did you find the back door for downstairs unit for Grout Cottage? Thanks!

    • It is an affordable fiberglass Thermatru door. I ordered it from local builder supply but they have an extensive website.

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