madonna pink wig

I know the feeling…sometimes I feel like I’ve been pushed over the borderline too.

In reference to the hair, my Mom asked me at dinner last night if I had heard of people feathering their hair, my response was do you mean like Bo Derek in 10? She said yes. I hadn’t heard of this but I’m not opposed nor am I surprised. BTW when I saw the movie 10 when I was younger, I thought Bo Derek was one of the most beautiful women I’d ever seen.

If you’re around this weekend take a look at some of this,

Loved the Hatch collection for pregnant ladies but I’m likely to just continue to rock my husband t-shirts and all things elastic, I’ve got 9 weeks to go

Did you see the deal I found posted on Copy Cat Chic? I try to leave most matters of cheap chic to Reichel

Liking the art selection here, wish I had some art money to burn

Sydney is a pretty cute pregnant lady and this is coming from another pregnant lady

I think I need this maybe for Christmas, yeah I said it…

Stephen you’re amazing

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