Painted Chevron Floor

Sarah and I – when we were 20 – made a plan to take our young svelt bodies to Key West.

Being bathingsuitless in NC in late February is like thirsting in the desert. I was forced to shop online and I spent $68 on a chevron design bikini. (This is an exorbitant amount of money for a cheap ahole like myself – still, and it was especially an investment as a college kid in 2001.) I loved that bathing suit, If I hadn’t totally ruined it in a muddy lake one day, I’d probably still be wearing it.

Well? Anyway. I’m emotionally attached to the chevron pattern and I love to wax emo and tell stories that no one cares about except for me! Gotta love a blogger! ;)

Check out this pretty floor though!

 Marie Burgos Design Blog - Chevron Floor


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