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I’ve been thinking about checkerboard floors for a couple of years. Many times I’ve found myself wanting to install them in one of the renovations I was working on but I’ve always opted for something a little more unobtrusive.

I’m loving the white & gray patterns as an alternative to the traditional black,

carter and company checkerboard floor kitchen

Carter & Company 

kayl pierece paxton checkerboard bath
Karyl Pierce Paxton

checkerboard floor Tom Scheerer

Tom Scheerer

kate spade kitchen

Kate Spade

Stained checkerboard pattern,

checkerboard stained floor coastal living kitchen

gray checkerboard floor kitchen

Good for entries and foyers,

checkerboard floor entry
Cork tiles make a checkerboard pattern,

checkerboard kitchen floor cork
checkerboard kitchen floor

I was in a flooring showroom a couple of months ago and snapped these pics with my phone.

commercial laminate tile floors

Hmm, maybe you’re more in to stripes…

They are commercial laminate tiles, I’m thinking pretty useful for a kid’s bathroom?

What are your thoughts on checkerboard floors?


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