Designer Tag Sale in Brentwood

Betsy represented at the Designer Tag Sale in Brentwood, CA last weekend. She felt a little blase that day but if I could’ve gone, I might have been able to pump her up a bit.

I’ve marked a few things in Betsy’s pictures that I think are of note.  Let’s begin with what I am most excited about.

The cloisonne jar. I’m wondering what the price of this lovely was. This fella would love to sit on my bookshelf.


 There’s a Mexican coverlet being used as a table cloth. Curious about the pottery sitting on the table there, I’m seeing some aqua which perks my attention. The dresser doesn’t look half bad either.

Designer Tag Sale6

Like using busts when accessorizing, I’m reminded of Michelle Adams bookshelves. I think this would’ve been great snuggled in on a bookshelf in Betsy’s apartment. The white ceramic lamp with the black shade was worth taking a closer look at too.

Designer Tag Sale5

Are those coaster sets, pretty cute for a gift.


I spy some Dwell nursery bedding there. What’s that fun little bamboo table there? What’s going on with the curly rocker and is that green chair/bench metal, outdoor furniture, strong desk chair possibility?

Designer Tag Sale4

Wooden candlesticks aren’t bad, wonder what scent those candles were, how much?

Designer Tag Sale3

Who doesn’t like a nice, big sculptural sea shell to throw in to the accessory mix, sitting on a stack of books maybe?


One of those industrial lights from Anthro?


Not interested.


Handsome pet beds and the girl is being a good sport about being in your picture


Like the little chairs, is that an Ink + Wit letterpress print there, sheesh, I think it’s Animals A-Z. That landscape painting there looks a little curious too and I’m digging that little white urn.

Designer Tag Sale

Anyone see someone they know here? That outdoor table they are sitting at is pretty sweet, was that for sale? Signing design books?


With what little I can see here, I’d say my vote would be to return.  The next tag sale is October 24th in Costa Mesa. 

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