Isabel Lopez Quesada

I learned about designer Isabel Lopez Quesada’s website via Mrs. Blandings. When Mrs. B posted it, she offered a disclaimer that said something like–here is the link but be warned, you may spend possibly hours delighting in the images of Quesada’s Proyectos. Ayyyy, she was right.

The artwork is stunning and the mix that the designer has crafted in her designs is impressive to say the least.  Theres always just a dash of something that I can’t quite put my finger on, like a punctuation mark that finishes the space off.

A sampling of images from Quesada’s site, these are screen shots so please excuse the directional phrases.

Isabel Lopez Quesada Casa Barritz living room

Isabel Lopez Quesada Casa Barritz bath

Isabel Lopez Quesada Casa Barritz dining room

Isabel Lopez Quesada Salamanca entry

Isabel Lopez Quesada Casa de Campo bath

Isabel Lopez Quesada Somosaquas living room

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  • Ayyy is right. Had a little heart flutter at the artemides wall mounties over the bathroom mirror, and that sink piece is radical.

  • Love. Would click over there now but I’m at work and I be tryin’ to get a raise, not get fired. I’ll have to devote a couple of hours to the deed tonight!

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