The little boys room

One of our readers recently commented and said hey what would you do for bedding in a little boys room and that got me thinking.

While I was perusing Urban Outfitters for bedding for DC’s room, I came across two spreads that I think you could design a whole room around for a toddler boy.

Enter the panel striped blanket. Both fun, masculine and sporty, I can see this blanket mixed with old furniture and new.  This one can grow with the kid, fold at the end of the bed for an accent or sit on it in the park.

panel stripe blanket2 Urban Outfitters


Or perhaps you like the dot leaf tapestry better. I like the graphic and earthy pattern and I love the blues and greens together. This is a fun one that won’t set you back too much.

dot leaf tapestry Urban Outfitters


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  • Good choice on boy’s bedding. We have made the mistake of doing “themed” rooms with Jaxson, and we started with “Car’s” and then went to “Dinosaurs.” We spent TONS of money on EVERYTHING,and then 1 year later, he likes something else,and wants it changed. I wish we would have just done a simple boys room, with a few “themed” pillows, or a lamp.

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