Dude. Black Brick & Speakerboxx

I wanna eat this, multi-textured tile BLACKSPLASH from the Heath Ceramics website. Great. I want my boyfriends to have it. (sans horizontal cabinetry)

The Estate of Things chooses Heath Ceramics

I also want my boyfriends to stack up a bunch of mis-matched vintage stereo speakers and line them up against a wall. I recall a time when Urban Outfitters had speakers all over their stores. I really loved the resulting aesthetic. I was just reminded of this by one of the blogs in my reader that I most love. There’s Something Hiding in Here.

The Estate of Things chooses There's Something hiding in here wall of vintage speakers

Okay, just one more. We’ve talked about chalkboards and chalkboard paint quite a bit here at TEOT. Perhaps we’ve talked about it enough…. after this. Cause, I’m making up fantasies about what my boyfriends’ homes could be like, and I imagine that at least one of them should have a room that is fully painted as a chalkboard (like the boy from 500 Days of Summer). Then I can draw on it in my PJs when I go for sleepovers.

The Estate of Things chooses chalkboard walls

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  • Found your site looking for images of glass bottles. Really nice stuff you have posted on here! Nice to see some of the ideas. I will be back when I have more time to browse! :)

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