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Patrick is pretty good at this home decor thing! Yesterday he pulled the trigger on a stenographer’s stand for a side table at $10 from the Jewish Women’s Thrift Council on Santa Monica. We all agreed it suited the theme (more on that later). Once home I was cruising craig and found one very similar for $175, and then I found these pics of some in action! Pretty great right!?

We scouted some curtains and some rods, but didn’t have much luck otherwise in the thrift store furniture area. After several thrift stores and some big box stores we went back to the house and got coat one of the black paint up on the wall. It was looking pretty gray when I left. We will see how that turns out.

Meanwhile, Pat found this perfect farm table that looks like it could maybe use some finishing work, but is otherwise an amazing find at $75.

IT immediately made me hope for THIS for them, at least in the way of some eamesesque chairs and a vintage science class poster.

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