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The Estate of THings chooses Alice Cooper

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The Estate of THings chooses Alice Cooper's LIving Room

Where I would expect to see goorish, we see moorish. And not so much Bat Wings (okay, maybe that’s more Ozzy), but we got wingbacks…. Some tufted black leather happening, which I think is relevant plus a little rock’n’roll. How bout that rug though? I’m not a fan. You?


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  • That rug looks like someone messed up the sqaures and sewed them up in the wrong order…makes me think of the saying my Mom used to say about my brother- “He was cut out right but, sewed up wrong.” She was kidding of course (kinda).

  • The rug is def ugly. My guess is it was Mrs. Cooper’s idea to decorate this room. :) PS- That tee-shirt makes me giggle.

  • Track lighting is annoying NOW. What the hell is that fan shaped thing above the mantel with a tiny picture of him? That’s ugly too. The whole space is cold and impersonal. Also, notice the upper level black wrought iron. Pretty out of date.I think they added the rug to try to add a little warmth to the room, but failed because the pattern is confusing to the eye, and the bright red is awful.

  • I have to say that well-designed minimalist track lighting has a place. But a little 4-light track hanging out in the middle of the ceiling in lieu of focused recessed lighting is annoying.

  • Hey, I’m not putting Alice down or anything,I’ve been a fan of his for years. It just surprised me that it’s such a small space, and the rug over powers it. Also what’s with the tiny windows to the left? I’m pretty sure his place must be huge with the money he makes, so why they showed this picture is beyond me. Maybe he has a guest house and this is part of it? or, it’s just one of the smaller rooms in his house. Don’t know, but it’s just not MY style. I AM entitled to my opinion.

  • Ha!..well, you’re right there!…Sitting down and discussing any subject with Alice (who’s brilliant by the way) would be a great experience! I wouldn’t care if the room was a garbage filled hole in the wall!

  • By the way,
    That first statement of mine didn’t come out the way I meant to say it. I was tired and not being very articulate at the time. Was a bit grouchy too.

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