Raya’s House

My mother always greets my 8-month old daughter by saying “Hi, Dylan you’re at Nani’s house!” It just kind of became a habit and now I ask Dylan if she wants to go to Nani’s house or Brenda’s house or whoever’s house and she seems to recognize the question and always meets it with a smile.  When she goes into a house she immediately begins looking around like she is associating the person with the dwelling.

So that’s why I called this post, Raya’s House.  I found Raya Carlisle’s home over at Cookie Magazine’s site. After combing the house tours, I liked Raya’s the best and I think you might enjoy it too.

After visiting Raya’s blog and playing voyeur on her flickr photostream, I learned that she is a lifestyle photographer and had her first child, Baker in February of ’08.

the estate of things chooses paper pony

Raya-we’re glad you shared!

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