Commitment Issues

I thought for a hot minute that I might want to wallpaper the downstairs bathroom at Bungalow 404 with this Blackbird by Cavern, via Walnut Wallpaper

Cavern Wallpaper

It’s a small space and it would be above white wainscoting. Just a touch. But I can’t do it, I can’t commit to wallpaper.

Should I?

I fear my love for wallpaper is fleeting. I think wallpaper and I would have a long and fruitless engagement, I will never marry.

cavern wallpaper Blackbird-installation-shot

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  • oh ya.. and this;

    Decor8 posted about Ink & Spindle today

    They have a really great pattern called “birch”. Its the image that I used on the header of my other blog about the Shasta Renovation. You commented that you liked it…

    So – the print there is a little different – I think I’d choose it over this one that you posted. AND – since its fabric you can starch it and it wont be as difficult to remove.. (I dont’ know how this holds up in a bathroom though… I’ve never actually done it.) but, its worth looking into.

    The Estate of Things chooses Ink & Spindle


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