Tortoiseshell in the Etsy Shop

Sarah recently stocked up the Etsy shop¬†with a great selection of vintage scores. A few things I wouldn’t mind snagging for myself.


The vintage spotted ginger jar in particular got my wheels spinning around Tortoise. The pattern has been catching my eye, and a few highballs have been on my wish list for sometime, in fact – I was certain I was opening up a box of 4 on christmas morning.

Here are a few examples of tortoise in action.



I’m kinda kiddin with this photoshopped job…. it’s just for funsies!

But, if you’re an avid design blog consumer, you are likely familiar with Jamie Meares of Furbish/iSuwannee. She injected some tortoise into her signature pattern mixxxxxx for a tablescape back around Thanksgiving. That’s her picture up there w/ the highballs. God bless her little heart. She’s doing good things.

Nate Berkus hangs turtles all over his house(that’s his living room pictured), and so do a handful of other designers (Kelly Wearstler, I ain’t mad at ya.) It’s kinda like the new antlers, interior designer’s next great choice in exoskeletal accoutrement.

Nonetheless….. It has caught my eye, stuck with me and well, now I’m just sitting here wanting Sarah’s ginger jar! And I still want those highballs too…. Cou –Heffe – gh!



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