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Sarah, is this you!? Do you likey? It made me think of the Collection of Globes that you liked from Sharilyn’s Studio and my little birdhouses that I’ve been crafting…

The Estate of Things chooses Design*Sponge Sneak Peak Jill Bliss

From yesterdays Design*Sponge Sneak Peak for Jill Bliss

The Estate of Things chooses Sharilyn's Studio

From Sarah’s previous post about Sharilyn’s Studio (from AT)

I wanted to include a pic of a collection of white bowls from the Eddie Ross site – they were stacked atop his apartment cabinets in his personal NY home…. but I can’t find the post anywhere.

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  • ahh! I’m such a sucker for globes. I always thought it was weird until I started seeing it incorporated with interior design. Maybe it’s still a little odd but I love it! haha

  • I like to spin ’em and close my eyes and hold my finger out and then pretend I’m gonna move to the land nearest wherever it stops……
    I haven’t embraced decorating with multiple globes yet, though Sarah was all over them at the Antiques Mall when we went together a few months ago.

  • Kristin this is you! My friend Kristin just asked me for advice on what she could put on top of her drab apartment cabinets. I told her birdhouses b/c of that sneak peek on Design Sponge. I also told her big blue glass bottles and jugs. Amass a large collection so you can really make a visual statement. Don’t just sprinkle a few objects in- really go for it.
    And globes are huge. It’s official b/c I said it…yeah right.

  • Hmm I like the globes (anything map like is my fav) I have old coffee cans and glassware on top of my cabinets, soon to be on ebay. I have birdhouse issues because my husband thought I wanted to collect birdhouses ( I bought 2 on my own) so he bought me birdhouses alot they sat in a grouping on a shelf in my foyer for a long time, until I came clean told him I did not want the birdhouses and pawned them off on a newly married kid with many spaces to decorate!

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