Another totally custom job that is really outside of the box. These sinks are vintage wash basins. I’m not sure which is more over the top the pajamas or the sinks?

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  • Ok so not only do the pajamas and sink make me wanna barf but whats up with that chair?! Super yuck! Can we just forget this picture even exists?!

  • haha. Yeah, the polka dots on the chair gotta go. But I think the basins were an interesting idea. I really like the floors, the walls, the wall mounted spigots, etc.

    But the basins made me wonder where I might put my soap after a good lather. And then that led me to think of a long metal trough with a lip at the top like I used to wash my hands in at camp. It was lined with like 15 spigots so that a hundred kids could easily wash up quickly. It was pretty rad.

    I’d like to trade the two wash bins for one long suspended metal trough. And I’ll trade Francis and his P-Janks there for a dirty camp kid with freckles and overalls.


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