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Estate Envy

Estate Envy: 1107 Urban Avenue

the estate of things chooses durham house

Built in 1912 this historic wonder is listed at $524,000.  Situated at 1107 Urban Avenue in the Trinity Park area of Durham, it has been completely renovated and very nicely done at that.  The historic details were preserved yet the house offers all the modern conveniences, isn’t that the dream?

I was drawn to this house because of the layout. I love the free-standing fireplace in the living area which I imagine used to be in the wall that separated those two spaces. The entire downstairs layout appears to be open and I appreciate the architectural details in the dining area and the way the sun fills the kitchen and dining room. I wonder if they also had to open up the stairwell? Looks like the bedroom has a cathedral ceiling which is a nice feature.  I like the exterior color choices but I think even though it may not be an original feature, I think the addition of some railing on the front exterior would finish things off.  I’m guessing all of the bedrooms are upstairs which could be a negative for buyers who are looking for a master suite on the lower level.  Does this space speak to you or is it not your flavor?

the estate of things chooses durham real estate

the estate of things chooses durham real estate

Can’t tell from this photo of the kitchen if there is ample cabinet storage, although the use of open shelving is a plus.

the estate of things chooses durham home

the estate of things chooses downstairs plan

the estate of things chooses dining area

I probably wouldn’t keep the copper/brass ceiling fan.

the estate of things chooses bedroom

One last thing, wonder where the TV goes?


Architect Ellen Cassilly

Through the post about the Poland House, I was so excited to learn more about Ellen Cassilly.  Ellen is a NC based architect who appears, at least from viewing her completed projects, to have versatility in a range of styles that I appreciate.  Ellen has been working in NC since 1992 and in 1999 she became the principal of her own firm.  She also teaches at an architectural design studio at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

 the estate of things chooses ellen cassilly

Ellen’s website is a pleasant cruise through a lot of envious projects.  Here are a few samples of the extensive collection of images.  To get the real experience and to see Ellen and her team’s range of style make sure to visit her site.

         the estate of things chooses ellen cassilly


the estate of things chooses ellen cassilly

the estate of things chooses ellen cassilly 


the estate of things chooses ellen cassilly

Watts Grocery, Durham, NC

the estate of things chooses watts grocery



Estate Envy: George W. Poland House

We close this week out and bid you adieu with a featured property sitting right here in North Carolina.

All of our NC friends out there and some beyond should be pretty excited to see this week’s Estate Envy, the George W. Poland House located in Bahama, NC.

             the estate of things chooses george poland house

Designed in 1954 by architect George Matsumoto, this beauty is in a little town called Bahama in Durham County due north of Duke University overlooking the Little River Reservoir.  This house was actually moved from Crabtree Valley in 2002 to avoid demolition.  After it’s move it was updated by local architect Ellen Cassilly. 

          the estate of things chooses george matsumoto

Matsumoto was a faculty member of the North Carolina State University (NCSU) School of Design. While at NCSU, Matsumoto designed 13 homes, the Poland House being one of his early works.

         the estate of things chooses poland house

Visit the North Carolina Preservation Society to learn more about the changes this house underwent.  The house sits on a 27 acre parcel with outstanding views in every direction.  This shining example of mid-century architecture is listed at $629,000.

                the estate of things chooses poland house

Dwell Magazine ran an article about the moving of the house, see that here. Visit Peter Rumsey’s site or Modern Home Network if interested in submitting an offer. It was fun to get on the Modern Home Network and dream a little.

Come back and see us next week, I’m making my way to the flea market this weekend and picking up my Petrie sofa that I bought on Craigslist!


Estate Envy: BoKlok UK – Yes Ikea Homes

If its not enough to have your home furnished entirely with Ikea, then how about having the Scandinavian Home Furnishings Giant provide your ENTIRE HOME.

The Estate of Things choose BoKlok Ikea Housing

St. James Village Gateshead in Northern England is just one of several new housing projects featured on the BoKlok website as a Housing Collaboration between Live Smart @ Home & IKEA. High Ceilings, large windows and a modern open floor plan are among the expected features of the Ikea Housing Project.

The Estate of Things chooses BoKlok Ikea Housing The Estate of Things chooses BoKlok Ikea Housing

Wanna move in!? I do. And If I did, I would receive a free consultation with an Ikea Designer as well as 250 Euros to spend at the store to get started. They will also lend me a workman to help hang curtains and artwork and in some cases are providing up to 5,000 Euros worth of community amenities.

My interpretation from perusing the BoKlok website is that there will probably be a special community fostered amongst these homes. A neighborhood where one can stand out on the walkway and talk green design with the next door neighbor while the kids play with wooden toys in the curated lawn – It sounds good to me.

You can rent, outright buy, or try a 50% purchase. (Don’t know how that works exactly). They also have a rent to own plan giving you 6 months to see if you can do it. A plan for the commitment-shy population, and one that was created to meet the needs of the current economic downturn.

I got the heads up from


Estate Envy: Modern Pre-Fab in West Virginia

This installment of Estate Envy inspires you with the opportunity for your own trial run at Modern Pre-Fab living. You can rent this beautiful piece of homey awesomeness for $200 – $250 a night. Give yourself the opportunity to see how envious you might really be of a Modern Pre-Fab home. Pieced together out in the middle of the woods, imagine the peace and inspiration you would inevitably discover with a weekend stay.

Check out for more images and details about things to do in the area, rates and availability.

The Estate of Things chooses lostrivermodern

The Estate of Things chooses lostrivermodern