Estate Envy: Topanga’s Million Dollar View

Remember this old series y’all…? It is where we get inside the virtual tours of homes we like to dream we live in. A recent Trulia stumble reminded me of the old past time. When I came across this getaway in Topanga, I got super starry eyed. The dude and I sat side by side thumbing through the pictures and dreaming up just how perfect it is for our lifestyle, including the gargoyle garden art.  It’s like a woodsy craftsman, just look at that patina on this door.

Dream House entrance

Dream House Living RoomThe lodge feeling holds strong once you get inside and it leaves a little to be desired in the way of style. Personally I look at images like this and my mind takes stock rapidly of all the changes I would like to make – and that gets me really excited. I’m happy to see some white walls, since I know that the battle to paint wood would be an uphill one. I picture the ceiling in a crisp white and think that this would be a stunning frame for the ocean views, but I know that Heffe won’t buy it, so I accept the beautiful ceiling as is and re-route my mind back to woodsy mountain living. Instead I begin the carpet removal process in my mind. How would this room look with a super dark floor? I know the fireplace will definitely need an update, and isn’t it unfortunate how difficult it will be to create a centered focal point on that wall with the balance of the tv? But look at that view. That’s just Palos Verdes in the background there, no bigs, just the ENTIRE Los Angeles coastline visible from your back deck.  Dream House bedroomOh, thank god! They’ve already painted the ceiling white in this room! Such promise. Might have to take away that rounded fireplace situation and I can’t bear the ceiling fan, but this room has great potential.Dream House Camper spotPlus, I know what’s waiting outside of those sweet french doors besides a jacuzzi. Situated on one acre of property, there is no reason not to get plenty of exercise walking the grounds to and from this lovely spot where I’m envisioning my Vintage Shasta Camper! This is where the dream really starts to sink it’s claws in.

The likely next step here is to do a quick google maps search and realize that this puppy is buried so deep in the Topanga hills that every trip to the grocery store will take a minimum of twenty minutes and dude’s commute to and from work will hit the hour mark. My dream balloon has officially busted and I slink away back down to reality.

Dream House pitch roofThanks for playing,


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