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Shop TEOT: Vintage Navy Ceramic Lamp

Did you love almost everything as I did about Eliza Dyson’s CA home in House Beautiful’s December/January issue? If you haven’t seen it I recommend clicking the link to soak it in for a little or a long time.

Dyson’s bedroom is just one of the many places that I’ve spotted a classic navy blue ceramic lamp. We love the color of our vintage navy table lamp, so versatile, shiny and navy….sweet navy.


vintage navy lamp


Serge Mouille Lighting

It’s that damn light fixture and I still want one. The Serge Mouille 3 Arm Ceiling Lamp which is probably the most recognizable of their offerings is what I have a yearning for.


Serge Mouille began designing light fixtures in 1953 and is known for his black painted metal, discrete and sculptural designs that people loved then and still do today. Production of Mouille’s original fixtures stopped in 1961 but reproductions of the original designs are available.

I’m guessing your first reaction is, oh that’s so modern and yeah it is. But maybe I’ll surprise you a little if you see it in some more traditional interiors for the ultimate mix up. It’s iconic, artful and can transform a space in a flash.



serge mouille sconce living


Serge, persian and french chairs,

Serge Mouille persian rug


light your art collection with more art,

serge mouille sconce hall


minimalist and classic,

serge mouille bedroom




serge mouille dining


serge mouille barrie benson


in a nursery? well hell yes,

serge mouille nursery

Ellen and Portia dig it,

serge mouille degeneres


serge mouille

Maybe you should just spring for a floor lamp,



And also in white if it’s not contrast you’re after,



And the examples could go on for days…

OK– so at a minimum I’ve peaked your interest about Mouille’s designs or I’ve got you convinced that it’s a perfect fit for your house. So, where can you buy these mobile-esque fixtures?

The real deal Serge Mouille 3 Arm Lamp is $6,350,



If you need a wall light or sconce at a breakfast area or by a reading spot, the Two Arm Rotating Wall Light  will suit that need quite nicely. The wall lights are designed with as many as five arms,



But if you want the look and think they are unattainable, I can provide some comfort and assurance that you can in fact afford one. Enter the look for less,

Overstock has a Holstebro 3 Light Ceiling Lamp that is likely to be more in your wheel house.


overstock serge mouille knockoff

Retrofurnish has a 3 Arm Ceiling Lamp.



France & Son has a Rotating 2 Arm Wall Sconce.


france & son 2 arm sconce


And there are a multitude of options with different numbers of arms and configurations. I’m staring at my lackluster dining room right now and thinking what if?



Bennett Kitchen: Sconces

Every time I start a remodel project I do an initial walk through with Chuck the electrician before rough-in. He always says (use southern accent) “have you got sum fixtures you wanna design the house around”. Lighting is so absolutely important and easy to get wrong, whether you choose a fixture that’s the wrong scale for the room or you don’t have enough.

The plan at the Bennett kitchen calls for sconces on either side of our custom range hood. It’s time to start thinking about the right pair of fixtures. Here’s the roundup,


Bennett Kitchen Sconces

1 Hudson Valley heirloom old bronze  2 Schoolhouse Electric Princeton junior factory shade  3 Schoolhouse Electric Princeton freshman  4 Cedar & Moss Tilt Cone  5 Rejuvenation Carson L-Arm  6 Shades of Light vintage traditions  7 Barn Light Electric Garden City  8 Schoolhouse Electric Princeton junior


Sconces in the Kitchen

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If possible the best approach is to have different levels of lighting in a room to gain a good balance. Different levels of lighting can include recessed ceiling or can lights, sconces, decorative ceiling lights and table and floor lamps. Using varied levels of lighting can reduce the hard and direct light that recessed lighting can sometimes create when they are used on their own.

Also consider it a standing recommendation here at TEOT to always install dimmers on everything in every room.

So we’ve already talked about lamps in the kitchen which we decided was undoubtedly a good thing. Now let’s talk about something that I want to make happen sooner rather than later which is installing sconces in a kitchen.

Sconces lined up in a row mounted on window molding or above a bank of windows is very appealing to me,

sconce kitchen6


So are sconces mounted on either side of the range hood,

sconce range

sconces kitchen2


sconce kitchen3


sconce kitchen4

Sometimes they are library style or swing arm sconces,

sconce kitchen5


sconce kitchen7


sconce kitchen8


sconce kitchen9


sconce kitchen10


sconce kitchen11


sconce kitchen12


sconce kitchen13

sconce kitchen16


sconces kitchen12


Sometimes it’s a lone sconce over the kitchen sink,

sconces kitchen17

A single sconce over the sink in my guest cottage kitchen remodel,

guest cottage kitchen sink


sconce kitchen15


sconce kitchen14