I Fell in Love

….. with a coffee table.

We met at the Rose Bowl Flea Market when I went with Sarah. (I DO have ALL the pictures and I do suck at life).

The Estate of Things chooses Coffee Table

At $800.00 I can’t quite consider this love as anymore realistic than the love I felt for Jason Bateman as a 12 year old. Unrequited, not a chance in hell. We left it there.

A couple of days later I saw this little repro at the Women’s Council Thrift Shop on Santa Monica blvd with a $250 price tag on it. I sat there staring at it longingly for tens of minutes. My roomate Kate came over to see what was holding me up. She crinkled her nose when she saw the object of my affection, I dared not to let her open her mouth for fear she might speak badly of this table, she knew not how deep my affections for its $800 counterpart ran.

The Estate of Things chooses Coffee Table

She was right though, Ultimately too brassy. too small, too much monies for our poor pockets. I found several reasons why it wasn’t Jason Bateman, and I’m guessing its pretty gone by now.

I do not know this type of table by name or designer. Would love it if anyone out there does know so that I might google search away. Here is an image that Sarah sent me recently. Perhaps it will begin popping up more and more.

Kristen Hutchins coffee table

Kristen Hutchins

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