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This Weekend

Maybe you should spread out your design books or your old issues of Domino, turn on some music and figure out what you want to do with the living room or the guest room (prep for holiday guests). Spend some time with yourself because the holidays and life in general is hectic.

Joyce Lee

image by Joyce Lee

There was a time when I could do this… now there’s only two hours of each day in which I might have this opportunity– but oh laundry fills that spot. If you can still do this, do it for me, do it for Erika of Urban Grace, do it for mothers of small children everywhere.

Que the weekend.


Christmas Trees

Casa Sugar posted a little dittie on Fake & Fabulous Christmas Trees.

The Estate of Things chooses Fake Christmas Trees from Casa Sugar

I have to admit I’m totally bedazzled by a fake and fab Xmas experience. I decided to go that route (in super small scale) in my home last year. It was pretty dinky, but a fun evening’s experience for a single girl at home.

The Estate of Things chooses Fake Christmas Trees from Casa Sugar

In the end however, I have to tell you that I felt like a fraud. What a terrible thing to have done to myself. Even though I enjoy these pink and white trees as well as my meager attempt last holiday…… I think that ultimately my loyalty to personal tradition lies with the kitschy homey cozy effect of a real tree over-filled with stupid old mis-matched ornaments that have sentimental value.

I’m taking my stance. My Christmas tree isn’t going to be a work of art until after its a masterpiece of memories brought to life for the short season!

What’s your stance!?


A look that can stop traffic

As reported on Brandflakes for Breakfast, the city of Winston Salem, NC has commissioned artist Peter Gibson “Roadsworth” to create some custom works around town. 

The project is part of the Inside/Out Series: Artists in the Community II exhibition at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art (SECCA).  

If I remember correctly, SECCA is part of Betsy’s old stomping ground as a Museum Studies major.

I love beauty in the everyday.

traffic graphic Winston Salem NC

Have a fantastic weekend! Looking forward to Furbish Studio’s Opening in Raleigh tomorrow. Are you going?

the estate of things chooses furbish studio


Everywhere: Painted Vintage Furniture

This solution is the answer to high impact on a low budget. Making a colorful statement with an old piece of wooden furniture goes beyond trend. Its a really practical way to recycle old furniture and get excited about it again, not to mention save some duckets, something I’m sure I’ll push hard to do as I’m thrifting my way into new apartment decor. (If I can ever find a suitable apartment!!) If you do not want to refurbish your furniture but need to keep on budget then check out Wellington’s Fine Leather Furniture.

I caught a feature noting a few before and afters of this trend in my new Fresh Home magazine that arrived in the mailbox yesterday. I mention it now, not b/c I have these images to share with you, but because I figured that if you are into painting furniture, then you may be interested in keeping an eye out for this mag. It’s similar to ReadyMade in that it includes guides for easy DIY projects around the house – its a little less hipsterish and more homemakerish.

Jenny of Little Green Notebook might be into it. I noticed today that she snapped a pic of the magazine cover and posted about an Ikea Expedit project.  She is an example of someone who has turned some old furniture dogs into vibrant statements. Check out a few projects we grabbed from her site to show you!

The Estate of Things chooses Little Green Notebook Blog for painted furniture The Estate of Things chooses Little Green Notebook

The Estate of Things chooses Little Green Notebook

Jamie of I Suwannee is about it as well. Not only is she refurbishing furniture for her own home, but she’s made it a valuable part of her Design Services and now the exciting new store front that she is opening later this month in Raleigh, NC. See this great “day in her shoes” post from a fellow blogger, High Heeled Foot in the Door.

The grand party of the Furbish Studio opening is November 21st. Please go in my absence, and tell her that I love her and I’m so excited to see this coming together. Here’s one of many pieces that you can buy while you are there!

The Estate of Things chooses I Suwannee



This interior has quite the customized storage, floor to ceiling bins that frame an entryway. As if the sheer size of the bins wasn’t enough, let’s make sure people never miss them and paint stripes on them.

The freedom of never needing a dresser.

the estate of things chooses striped storage cabinet

Image from Sunset