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Vintage Schoolhouse Chic

by The Estate of Things on August 27, 2009, 34 comments

Schoolhouse Chic has been emerging for some time now and I thought it was time to take a break from the flurry of images in my head and examine the look.

Rising out of this design comes the love for globes, educational charts & maps, chalkboard everything, glass beakers as vases, card catalog storage, schoolhouse lighting, use of letters & numbers and the industrial feel of school desks, stools and chairs.

Some images to illustrate,

Margot Austin

Margot Austin

Design Sponge sneak peek

Design Sponge sneak peek Lynda

Letter wall hooks, C.S. Post & Co.

CS Post hooks

Schoolhouse Electric Company

Schoolhouse electric

Iron jack, C.S. Post & Co.

CS Post jacks

Learn about the conifers of Canada with lovelydesign’s Conifer print

Sharilyn conifer poster

 Three Potato Four

Three Potato Four

Design Sponge sneak peek, Katarina Andersson

Design Sponge sneak peek

Design Sponge sneak peek, Jack and Lulu

Design sponge sneak peek Jack and Lulu

Swim locker, Museum of Useful Things

Museum of Useful Things swim locker

Design Sponge, Amy Zurcher

Design Sponge Amy Zurcher

Metal gym lockers, Extra Virgin Home

Extra Virgin Home lockers

Incredible chalkboard in a playroom featured in Charlotte Home & Garden

Charlotte Home & Garden chalkboard

Old School book, Uppercase

Upper Case Old School

the converted Federal-style schoolhouse of Jason Oliver Nixon and John Loecke, Country Living

Federal schoolhouse John Loecke

 letters & numbers, C.S. Post & Co.

CS Post letters

vintage Sears fan, Vintage Interiors

sears fan Vintage Interiors

My vintage school chalkboard on a stand

the estate of things chooses vintage chalkboard

  the estate of things chooses sarah's vintage chalkboard  the estate of things chooses vintage chalkboard for sale



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34 thoughts on “Vintage Schoolhouse Chic

  1. 8 year old Betsy: Let’s pretend we are in school.

    11 year old Brother: Okay!

    Betsy: (smiles ear to ear……. while setting up imaginary classrom)

    Brother: Let’s pretend I’m absent.

    Betsy: (heartbroken)

  2. What a stunning collection! I have begun collection old school pieces to remind me of my rural elementary school days. Really beautiful stuff here!

  3. hello. Have you still this wonderful chalkboard? im a london artist looking for black/chalk boards to create drawings on. thanks for your time. henry hudson

  4. Hi Sarah i was reading the above messages and am wondering if the chalkboard is still available or if henry got it? I am a designer in Atlanta and am interested in it for a client. thanks in advance
    Alyssa Cassatto – Stanton Home Furnishings

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  6. Dotty- The chalkboard is still for sale but it is so large that I think shipping costs would be prohibitive. Perhaps you live relatively close and can pickup?

  7. I live in Seattle, WA. I didn’t think to ask where you were from. Do you have any idea how much it would cost. I also have family in San Diego, CA. Thanks!

  8. Hi Sarah-
    Have you checked out shipping costs to Seattle, WA? I’d be very interested in paying for the extra cost of shipping it. Please let me know. Thanks! ~~Dotty

  9. Hey Dotty,
    I haven’t checked yet but will. I’m not even sure what shipper to approach because of it’s size. As soon as I find out I will let you know.

  10. That large chalkboard on the stand is stunning. We are looking for a large vintage chalkboard for our wedding, to scribe the wedding breakfast menu on. We would love to purchase that if still available, please could you let us know the size, and price, and shipping cos.
    Thanks x

  11. Hi Sarah-
    Hopefully you received my info…here it is again. Thanks!

    Seattle, WA 98109
    206-283-5368 (home)

    ~~Dotty Carreno

  12. Hi…I stumbled upon your website searching vintage chalkboards and read that there are people looking for a large chalkboard on a stand. I have one almost exactly like the one in the photo although mine may be older. I am interested in selling it. It is large and unable to be shipped however, if there is anyone who contacted you that live in my area that are still interested, would you give them my contact information? I live just outside the Memphis, TN area.
    I bought this for my nieces and nephews to keep them entertained while they visited me at my house. A chalkboard is fascinating to children. Anyway, they are all grown and moved away so I have no need for it now.
    I look forward to hearing back from you.
    BTW…I love your website!

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