Betsy’s House: Checking in on our Home Renovation

Dodge Puppy Eyes

Dodge wants to know…

What is going on at our house ya’ll, and when will we get to move in and introduce our new home to our new puppy? OMG, wheeeeen?

Heffe and I are sitting on the sofa feeling slightly relieved that at least there is some progress because well, this:

My dad might be the only person on the internet that will enjoy this before and after.

I knew that we were signing up for some boring stuff and that it would take a minute, but it all feels like a slog, and really we should be moved in by now. But, I’m trying not to get to hung up on the things that were out of our control throughout this whole entire process.

Basically what that photo means is that our old house has a brand new electrical service that can handle the new Air Conditioner that we had installed in the attic. That part was just a bunch of moving of things behind walls, stuff that I can’t even see. A little underwhelming, but overall a GREAT functional addition to the home.

But dude, get me to the fun part! Let’s do the living.

We played a little experiment with an old dirty kilim runner that I had on hand, to see how everyone feels about a big dose of carpeted pattern on the entryway stairs. It was a winner. Now we are on the hunt for some Kilim or Persian action that meets the criteria of 32″ width and over 25′ of length.

Not this particular kilim, but something like it

The dude and I were initially inspired by Paris, we (okay, mostly me) loved the carpeted stairs in our AirBnB flat.

Stairs in Paris Flat

Another inspiration image that has been floating around my world includes the entry stairs in Christine Lennon’s home, featured on OKL.

kilim on stairs
Christine Lennon’s entryway stairs let first time guests know that this is no “buttoned-up colonial”

I like this look, and I love the fact that we have an opportunity to set a similar tone for the rest of the home since our stairs, like Christine’s are the first thing you’ll see when you you enter.

I’m hoping to find one persistent design though, b/c the dude of the house doesn’t lean boho enough to let me mix up the patterns as seen above.

I’ve scoured sites like RugsDirect and all of the many kilim sellers that I follow on Instagram and Ebay for unique runners in the length we’ll need. It’s especially hard with the one offs on Ebay, since I’ve calculated more than 25 feet of rug needed. So, it looks like we may have to land on something that is mass produced. Unless I can get lucky and pull of something like this + this. They could be a close enough match.

I dig and I love so many of them, but I can’t love just ONE enough. Here a few Rugs Direct options that I’ve bookmarked b/c they caught my eye, and filled me with doubt and longing. I’ll keep the search going and we’ll see where we end up.

runner rug 1A bit too trad?

runner rug 2A bit too rad?
(by rad, I mean pink. I don’t think the dude will get down with that much pink)

runner rug 4Pretty strong graphically, just a bit too much punch?

runner rug 3Hmm… Leaning a bit too folksy?

rug no runner 6Pretty good, but sadly not available in a runner.

Let me know if you’ve got any killer ideas!





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