Sconces in the Kitchen

If possible the best approach is to have different levels of lighting in a room to gain a good balance. Different levels of lighting can include recessed ceiling or can lights, sconces, decorative ceiling lights and table and floor lamps. Using varied levels of lighting can reduce the hard and direct light that recessed lighting can sometimes create when they are used on their own.

Also consider it a standing recommendation here at TEOT to always install dimmers on everything in every room.

So we’ve already talked about lamps in the kitchen which we decided was undoubtedly a good thing. Now let’s talk about something that I want to make happen sooner rather than later which is installing sconces in a kitchen.

Sconces lined up in a row mounted on window molding or above a bank of windows is very appealing to me,

sconce kitchen6


So are sconces mounted on either side of the range hood,

sconce range

sconces kitchen2


sconce kitchen3


sconce kitchen4

Sometimes they are library style or swing arm sconces,

sconce kitchen5


sconce kitchen7


sconce kitchen8


sconce kitchen9


sconce kitchen10


sconce kitchen11


sconce kitchen12


sconce kitchen13

sconce kitchen16


sconces kitchen12


Sometimes it’s a lone sconce over the kitchen sink,

sconces kitchen17

A single sconce over the sink in my guest cottage kitchen remodel,

guest cottage kitchen sink


sconce kitchen15


sconce kitchen14



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  • Hello! In the “sometimes it’s a lone sconce over the kitchen sink” picture, do you know what brand of cabinet bar pulls those silver ones are? My wife and I have been looking for some just like them. Thanks!

  • I like the sconce from “A single sconce over the sink in my guest cottage kitchen remodel,” What is the brand? Where can I find it?

  • Im going to install a single kitchen pendant over my sink.Can you tell me where the light should illuminate Im nervous that I bought one that doesn’t “jett” out as far as i should have it. Is it alright to have the sconce shine onto the faucet or should I purchase one that will shine more over the center of my sink (I do have a recessed light as well that shines onto the sink, so tasking is not an issue)?Is there even a proportion rule for these?

    • I don’t think that it’s necessarily crucial that it illuminate the middle of the sink. I think style, scale and wattage are most critical and in that order. I hope the recessed in a 4″ or smaller? Hope this helps. Ask someone to hold it up for you to take a step back and look and if it doesn’t feel just right, its probably not.

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