Estate Envy: W.C. Fields House

I am envious of the person who buys this W.C. Fields House and restores it. When I saw this house on the North Carolina Preservation Society’s website, I gulped and my heart rate increased.

wc field house exterior

This house has AMAZING potential, can’t you see it? The great photographs don’t hurt either. The photography is credited to David Stremel of the Capital City Camera Club.

This house is situated in eastern North Carolina in a town called Kinston. A little fun fact the actress Jaime Pressly of Joe Dirt and My Name is Earl fame is from Kinston.

This darling could be yours for $40,000. If you buy it and restore it please email me or please create a blog about your restoration so I can follow along and drool. Better yet-can I consult on the renovation?

Despite the fact that this house was constructed in 1919 it has 3 bathrooms, pretty surprising. There are also several walk in closets.

WC Fields House side exterior

wc fields house exterior detail

wc fields carport

wc fields living area

wc fields sunroom

wc fields fireplace

wc fields bedroom

wc fields upstairs hall

wc fields bath

W.C. Fields House first floor plan

W.C. Fields House second floor plan

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  • Yeah – this is exactly what I’d like to find here. For that price too. And I’d let you consult on the renovation. :)

  • LOVE. This is my old house dream–most of the original detail is intact and it hasn’t been messed up by renovations or subdivided into apartments in a really destructive way. Too bad I’m not even close to NC and my husband would probably kill me. I’m a little confused by the commercial zoning, though.

  • Jessica-Not sure what kind of area it is in, it may be dual-zoned or you could apply for a zoning change. Fun to dream though.

  • Um..I can find a home for that home in Eagle Rock or Pasadena. There are a lot of Craftmens and bungalows here that can would enjoy her company!

  • Timmy-Offer them 10K, sell the land to make 10K back and put that house on a flatbed and move it across the country!

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