Midland Project: in the dumps

I’ve yet to properly introduce you to the Midland Project. Although its been going on for at least two months already, I didn’t mention it because the Midland duplex will be a rental and because these kinds of remodels are not as exciting as total restorations.

190 kitchen

Kitchen, 190 Midland

190 front entrance

Living area, 190 Midland

Because I’d ultimately like to share the transformation with you, I need to give you a little background on the project.

The Midland house is a duplex, built in 1954 with a smooth stucco exterior. The house appears as if it has always been two apartments. Over the years the house has been neglected and left relatively untouched minus a few handyman repairs and maybe a little linoleum in the late 1980s. It was in a state of general disrepair and honestly I’m a bit surprised that both apartments had long term tenants living there at the time when we purchased it.

190 bath 2

Bathroom, 190 Midland

Considering the era in which the house was built, I thought it was best to go modern. It seems that people really can’t seem to embrace the mid-century ranch, instead they’ll slap some shutters on it, give it some round white columns on the front stoop and call it a single level colonial. It doesn’t work, I say go modern.

And thats what I’m doing at the Midland Project–in smaller doses with a budget in mind.

Here is some inspiration that I’m working with,

Hamptons modern kitchen

I chose birch shaker style cabinets, so you can see why I find this kitchen to be relevant

eve robinson watermill house orange frame

I really like the light fixtures here, I’d love to find those pictured or something similar that will more than likely be cheaper. Really like that orange mirror, I’m thinking I could buy the wooden Hemnes mirror at IKEA and paint it a hot color and get close to the same look. I will not however be installing a white vanity in an apartment.

modern railing

Lots of horizontal railing

modern metal railing

I am also considering a wood/metal hyrbid railing

modern entry

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  • I like your inspiration photos, except the kitchen floor – not a fan of splitting the space with wood/carpet/whatever. I know it be a cost thing, but save somewhere else!

  • Laura-I’m gonna have to disappoint here, I will not be carrying the oak in to the kitchen, there will be a transition much you like you see in the image. Currently I’m not advocating wood in the kitchen ESPECIALLY not in a rental.

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