It’s Getting Hot in Here

There is a serious topic being discussed in my house right now. That topic is moving. In five years I have moved three times, only one of those houses was a rental.

I’ve become a chronic mover. I don’t move to different cities just around the same county, sometimes moving right next door. Its an interesting affliction considering my parents have lived in the same house since 1977 and I don’t think they’ll ever move. But here’s the kicker, the entire time I lived in my parent’s house it was constantly being remodeled. I’m addicted to remodeling and living in new spaces. Sometimes I try to picture my dream house and I end up with a house that looks like a NYC loft crossed with a sprawling lake cottage blended with a craftsman bungalow topped with a modern glass house for garnish. I’m not sure if I’ll ever be content.

I told the carpenters that are currently working on another remodel for me that I was thinking about moving again and they all groan and laugh, they know how much I like to move. Which house, they ask. And then they smile because it might mean more work for them in a slumped economy. Sorry fellas, not this time.

Here’s what has caught my attention and made the wheels spin almost 24 hours a day.


I snapped a few photos before my camera battery died.


This house has a very English cottage feel and its a great family house.




Interestingly enough Erika just wrote a post about Martha’s kitchen which included the detailing of the adjustable shelf system and low and behold whats in the china closet but the same adjustable shelving.

martha stewart adjustable shelving



I really want to make this happen, what deals may come?

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  • Sarah! I suffer from this same affliction! I think it is a true sickness! haha
    As a kid, my dad had his contractor’s license and my mom is an interior designer – by the time I was 17, I had lived in 17 houses (counting the rentals we would live in often waiting for our new houses to be built). My parents would build a house and then put it on the market, it worked out great for them and they were able to not have a house payment pretty early in life. However, I can not stay still! I was used to always having a new environment! My husband and I have managed to live in our house for 5 years, but I knock out walls and rearrange furniture like it’s nobody’s business!
    BTW, love this house and I understand the lure!

  • Rarah, that second picture looks just like a shot from my grandma’s house in CCNC from the late eighties. Have such strong memories of that house and the arch details – it’s cool and weird to see them bubble up from these pics! :)

  • Kylie-I think I went to that house and it had an English appeal too right? Was there a formal garden in the back or was that another house of hers?

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