the Master plan

I’ve hatched a plan, its a plan for my bedroom.

Great right…wrong.

Wrong because the plan for my bedroom requires that I get all new furniture and my husband Dan would freak out if he knew I was even entertaining the thought. I have so many other incomplete rooms in my home that need much more attention than the bedroom. It’s totally ridiculous really. But it’s all Ethan Allen’s fault.  Ethan made this bed, the Quincy.

Ethan Allen Quincy bed

You might’ve seen it in the Ruralist category in House Beautiful in the Dec/Jan issue but I loved the Quincy before HB declared it Ruralist cool. Apartment Therapy talked about the irrational fantasies the Quincy invoked, so its not just me. Its comforting to know I’m not alone.

ruralists house beautiful january 2010

And yes, I know that there is probably an antique/vintage bed I could pick up for much less and paint black, I’ve considered that possibility too. Trust me, every old bed I see with traditional yet graphic curves, I imagine it black.

For now I’ll have to stick with what I’ve got which is this,

my bedroom2

My bedroom


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