Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom remodel took place at a rental house in Southern Pines, NC, the same house with the painted stair runner posted about here.

I don’t have a true before and after for you because I didn’t make it over to the house with my camera before it had already been demolished.

There’s a different approach in renovating a rental property. Generally, I like to keep things neutral and keep a tight budget in mind which is why you see a lot of off the shelf fixtures. I don’t want to push the design envelope because I know that most of the people in my area probably won’t appreciate it, the painted stair runner blew a lot of minds but in a good way.

I’m not trying to sell this property, I’m really just trying to maintain it or remodel it to a level that will set it apart and guarantee higher rent.

Here’s a picture of the bathroom after it had been gutted.

ashe bath before3 ashe bath before

ashe bath before2

Here’s what we did:

  • Stripped everything out except for the shower. It stayed because it was tiled with neutral mocha brown tiles. I regret leaving the shower now, I think we should’ve gone ahead and re-tiled the shower. If we would’ve done that, I would’ve certainly used white subway tiles.
  • New plumbing
  • New wiring
  • New toilet, Lowe’s
  • New pedestal sink, Lowe’s
  • New faucet, Overstock
  • New mirror, Lowe’s
  • Sconces, CSN Lighting
  • New floor tile, Marjorca
  • Added wainscotting
  • New valve trim, showerhead, local plumbing supply
Here’s what the bathroom looks like now

ashe bath after ashe bath after2

ashe bath after3

I think it turned out great!

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  • It looks fabulous. After you were saying it was all about keeping it simple and neutral I was expecting to be dissappointed, but it has some great details. Especially the built-ins.

  • Corey-maybe it was a bad lead in? Those built-ins are begging for some sweet baskets and stacks of fluffy white towels aren’t they?

  • Michelle-that is bead board panels purchased at Lowe’s topped with pre-made trim from Lowe’s, its layered to make it look beef-ier

  • Great job! On my rentals, I go cheap and use inexpensive materials and discount lighting, and it looks nice, but it looks like your money was well spent. My only question is why didn’t you relocate the toilet to be parallel to the sink? If you got a bid, how much would it have cost?

  • Jimmy-I think we could’ve relocated the toilet but moving plumbing around results in increased cost. For this project we paid time and materials for electrical and carpentry, I’m not sure what the bid would’ve been because the bathroom wasn’t the only thing that was remodeled in this house. The plumber submitted a bid in this case.

  • i used to do DIY plumbing at home at my work seems to be on par with regular plumbers.’;:

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