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Corkboard vs. Chalkboard? I think I’m leaning towards chalkboard.

The Estate of Things chooses cork message center The Estate of Things chooses chalkboard message center

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  • Cork boards always look messy and chalkboards just are messy. Is the question one of functionality, design or both? For me, cork boards seem entirely a function of necessity (I don’t think they’re ever pretty). And, if necessary, the best solution I’ve ever come across is mounting cork boards on the inside panels of cabinet doors (for an example, check out: This keeps the clutter contained and out of sight. But, then comes the debate that some things should be in clear view – to serve as reminders. That’s when a chalkboard comes in handy. This prettier option is still a mess and, I feel, a little played out. For me, a To Do list on my desk and a calendar on my computer better serve to contain my notes and reminders and leaves more room on the walls for other things.

  • Chalkboard! We’re renovating, but I installed a floor to ceiling chalkboard in my kitchen about 4′ by 8′ not including the crown and base. loooove it! Do it.

  • Trust me, cork board. Chalk board = dust that you can never get rid of. It has some secret sticky constitution that will haunt you. Cork board all the way!

  • I’m saying chalk board. My cork board used to look terrible if I didn’t keep on top of it. Chalk just looks much more streamlined and classic.

  • I can get on board with that for sure. I keep a small cup filled with bath crayons next to the mirror in my bathroom. The occasional guest leaves a little note, but most notably, the post party “poetry” is amazing. You can start the interaction with an “enjoy your pee” note to guests.

  • i’m definitely going chalkboard. i’m really more interested in it for the pop of black aesthetically than organization – but even more so for the creative interactivity it will provide.
    i picked up this old typewriter a few months ago too, that sits around as eye candy, but also garners expression…. a slew of typed messages from various visitors over time reads like poetry by the time the page is filled up. I look forward to seeing what impromptu ideas are explored via chalk.

  • Most of the time I say chalkboard in the kitchen, corkboard in the office, BUT I saw huge inspiration board in a hallway and I also saw one in a mudroom/entry and I liked both of those.

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