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Before I gave birth to my daughter, I frequented Babycenter to read about pregnancy stuff and to get information that I couldn’t get from my complimentary copy of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. During my reading at Babycenter, I ran across an article about taking photos of your children. I took mental note of the bulleted tips because I enjoy photography and I wanted to take decent pics of my soon to be DC.

Newborn, 2008

the estate of things chooses newborn DC

Trolling for a Christmas tree, 2008

the estate of things chooses DC seven months

A few weeks ago I read the handy photography tips at Fly Through Our Window. Darby, the author of the blog takes a gazillion pictures of her children and seems to have also taken an interest in photography. The loads of pictures that Darby takes amp the voyeur experience considerably and I’m glad she does it and I enjoy reading her blog. Darby asked a pro to answer photography questions and to give tips, click this link to see the pro’s advice. Some of Darby’s photos are below, first up her “Rover” John Martin (I really can’t get enough of his sweet face)

the estate of things chooses darby's john martin

a boat load of kids

the estate of things chooses a boat load of kids

Party at the School House

the estate of things chooses morgan on lawn

This evening I decided to turn to The Satorialist for eye candy and wardrobe inspiration. As I was scrolling through the posts from September I ran across this book and instantly I am having a “I need that” moment. This book has already been added to my wish list at Amazon. I can’t wait to get back to snapping away.

the estate of things chooses camera ready arthur elgort

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