A Work in Progress

DC’s room is still a work in progress, since we moved in May. She is 14 months old now, spending a little more time in her room and really getting in to…tearing stuff off the shelves she can reach and pitching it on to the floor.

The unfinished part is mostly the walls and the art that I originally purchased on Etsy is still great however, because art is so accessible now I see something new 15 times a day that I want to hang in her room. Recently I’m seeing Geninne everywhere and this particular idea really ticked my fancy.

I think I’m going to do it and I know where I can get tiny clothespins, that would be here.

Who says you can’t create a great collage of these beautiful prints… say in your dining room above the buffet or how about to fill that big void over your sofa?


the estate of things chooses white owl print

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