Etsy Seller of The Week: SusyJack

OK so one of the first vendors that I encountered when I got on Etsy was SusyJack and I ooohed and aaaahed over Susy’s contemporary paper goods.

So if you couldn’t already tell the weekly special is… SusyJack.

Susy calls her goods “Bright, bold and fresh items for desk and nest”.  Some of my favorites,

Oh the giant clothespin that holds all of your important little notes, reminders and business cards

the estate of things chooses susyjack

the ringlet jotter

the estate of things chooses susy jack

The Deluxe Wall Calendar

the estate of things chooses susyjack

I am a Susyjack patron, I put Susy’s ringlet jotter in my Mother’s stocking and I take extremely boring voicemail message notes on her very exciting notepad. Susy seems to be a very nice person, she wrote me a personal note and the shipping was at warp speed AND wait that’s not all… her products are printed on recycled paper. I think that closes the book on customer satisfaction.

In addition to her Etsy site you can also visit Susy at her blog (to talk paper or eye candy) or her website. I like Susy’s Etsy profile picture too, simple and beautiful kind of like her products.

We likey.

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  • oh my gosh. i’m blushing from the top of my head to my pinky toes!

    thank you so, so much for such a wonderful writeup on your lovely, lovely blog — and while i do enjoy getting publicity– even better is hearing that you enjoy your items and that they got there in time– and that the experience was a good one. that really makes my day! xx

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