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The Southern Pines North Carolina Home Renovation scene is a booming one. Having seen steady population growth of over 18% since 2010, many newcomers and life-long residents alike look to the stunning architectural integrity of the early century homes built near the railroad tracks of the town’s center. This interest paves the way for successful renovation projects like The Indiana House, the Grout Cottage, Mt. Vernon House and more, all managed and designed by Sarah Farrell of The Estate of Things.

Sarah’s passion for architectural renovation and interior design has manifested through her work with Beaver Path Properties. She has shared the process of each of those projects with you guys here.

The projects that Sarah has brought to life here on The Estate of Things have captured the hearts of renovation junkies online. Sift through the chronicle of these projects below.

Renovating Bungalow 404: Kitchen Inspiration

After a long search in both print and on the internet, I think I have found the right source of inspiration for Bungalow 404’s kitchen. If you are fairly indecisive like me, then it’s a relief to finally settle on a look you want to pursue.

Found on pointclickhome

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

This kitchen has many elements that I like, they are:

  • Chrome/Nickel bin pulls
  • Black countertops
  • Chrome/glass pendants
  • White cabinetry
  • Ebony, gloss hardwoods
  • Open to dining area

Oh and I think it’s important to tell you that I have decided to pack up my little family and move in to Bungalow 404…in case you hadn’t already surmised that. My favorite architectural style right now is Craftsman/Bungalow and I couldn’t pass up the chance to have my very own. And I am pretty sure Betsy is scouring the MLS searching for one that she can call her own because she’s jealous– but hey she gets to go to Europe this Spring.

Back to the kitchen…here are some purchases I have made to outfit 404’s kitchen.

At first I was sold for sure on the Phane pendant at Conran but just decided that it was out of my budget because I needed four and at $350 each, they got the boot.

the estate of things chooses conran

Instead I ended up with the Clemson pendant from Restoration Hardware which I purchased new on Ebay and saved $40.

the estate of things chooses restoration hardware

You’ll remember from a previous post that I chose white cabinets, some with glass fronts. I’ve also selected Absolute Black granite countertops and I’ve received one quote and am waiting for the cabinets to be installed on 2/9 before I receive the 2nd quote.  One of the stone companies I am working with advised me that Absolute Black granite tends to show scratches more than his Black Pearl and Black Galaxy stone. I had to just take that advise and move on because I couldn’t give up the consistency of the Absolute and I didn’t like the shiny stones or filler in the pearl and galaxy.

I purchased this lovely faucet for the kitchen sink after reading the reviews on Overstock and comparing prices.

the estate of things chooses overstock

Most of the original flooring on the main level is in fine shape and will be refinished. However, in the kitchen and new dining room, there was a mix between cheap laminate flooring and ugly and worn linoleum. New flooring will be installed Monday and it is a dark Hickory Spice by Somerset Flooring. The salesperson assured my Mom over the phone that it was an espresso-like finish.

the estate of things chooses somerset flooring

This is natural hickory which I think would’ve been nice for the basement but we got white oak instead.

the estate of things chooses somerset flooring

The contractor will continue the rest of the carpentry and trim work that needs to be done this coming week to prepare for the painters.  Painters have already started prepping, caulking, sanding and doing some priming.  The original trim work really needs to be sanded and smoothed to prepare it for paint. They plan to clean and pressure wash the exterior to prepare it for paint on Monday. The pressure is now on to select the rest of the interior and exterior paint colors this weekend.  I really want to get the outside color just right, I don’t want to pull in to the driveway everyday and it not be exactly what I wanted to see, it will bother the hell out of me so…I am going to probably paint a couple of samples on and observe those for at least 48 hours and make a decision from there.


Bungalow 404 Update

It’s been a while since there was an update on the renovation of Bungalow 404. 

Since my last post on the project, the screened porch has been torn off as well as the entire front porch floor.  During an attempt to repair a brick column on the front corner, the porch supports were observed to be deteriorated and compromised because of old termite damage. Good news, no active termites. Bad news, the whole porch floor has to be rebuilt and I am going to reconfigure the screen framing.

I realize not everyone enjoys looking at the early stages of renovation, it can be quite boring. But for those of you out there that want to see 404’s progress, here is a brief visual update.

 the estate of things chooses bungalow 404

                                         the estate of things chooses bungalow 404

the estate of things chooses bungalow 404

Meanwhile, some design decisions have been made. A dining room fixture was selected and purchased from CB2.

                                     the estate of things chooses cb2

As far as my choices for the bathrooms, my decisions are still few but I’ve settled on white beadboard for the bathroom in the basement and haven’t made any tile selections there. In the hall bath (one with the difficult air return) I will deffinetly stick with the white subway tile chair rail there and I’d like to use a bigger 16×16 polished porcelain tile which mimics marble but is more durable. I found the polished porcelain at Lowes. I’d like to have the least grout lines possible because here’s the deal–it’s easy to get charmed by those small hexagonal or white round penny tiles but those equal a lot of grout and if you use a white tile then you are going to use a light grout.  Grout gets dirty over time and even with all of the specialty grout cleaners out there, it doesn’t quite come clean. Moral=reduce grout lines or reserve small tiles for bathrooms with the least traffic.



Renovating Bungalow 404: Bath Inspiration

I am stuck on what to do with the three bathrooms in Bungalow 404, well I haven’t really put in the effort on collecting ideas and putting them together. The first bath is in the hall in between the master bedroom and the second bedroom.  I have decided (95% sure) that I would like to paint the hallway Mink by Benjamin Moore, it’s a chocolate brown and I like the idea of bold colors in small spaces.  I think it will elevate what would normally be a boring hallway.

I think that a soft blue bath off of the brown hall is going to be a great contrast. I’m sold on white subway tile and in this particular bath I will be doing a tile wainscoting. I haven’t decided what to do with the floor yet. We are stuck with a vanity because there was a huge air return in the bathroom that the owner didn’t want to relocate so the return had to be framed and boxed in so it will be tied into a vanity to make it disappear. I had originally planned for a pedestal.

I would really like to incorporate a glass door and this one is right on the mark. The wall color on my monitor appears to be the subtlest of blues also something I am searching for.

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

I like shaded sconces a lot like the ones featured in this image from pointclickhome.  I’m always looking for something timeless, it’s so easy to be so excited about something for your house and in 5 to 10 years want to desperately rip it down. I’m trying to avoid that.

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

These images helped me peer into the future with the use of a blue/green wall color and white subway tile

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

I was also considering using small mosaic tiles on the shower walls. Instead of the blue mosaic, I was thinking maybe some white mosaic.

the estate of things chooses pointclickhome

White subway tiled shower walls also a consideration

the estate of things chooses domino

And I really like IKEA’s circular Grundtal mirror, at $29.99 I like it even more

the estate of things chooses Ikea

Again with the mosaics, only a different palette

the estate of things chooses cottage living

So I’ve got some work to do on finding the right vanity that is going to hide that hideous air return and I’ve got a lot of concrete decisions to make on this bath with two left to go.