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Mud Room

by Betsy Moyer on August 30, 2009, 9 comments

It’s really a modest fantasy. I just want a simple early century bungalow home, on a quaint street in a community where the neighbors like each other and we drink wine on the front porch together.

And in the mudroom, at the side entrance – there is this tile:

The Estate of Things chooses Villa Lagoon Tile

You can get a pack of 11 random mismatched 8″ tiles for $93.

Thanks for the heads up from Bregan of The Lead Chandelier. She knew I’d love it.


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9 thoughts on “Mud Room

  1. 5 square feet makes more sense for the price. Disappointing.
    I don’t understand AREA…..

    I divided 704 by 12 and it should be 144..
    bad math, and now I will never own these tiles.

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