Sarah’s Backyard Makeover

We are starting basically from scratch here in my backyard except for the old Water Oak standing solid in the middle. Everything else could go and it has for the most part.

sarah yard no fence

I have a decent plan that I’ve been¬†adding to here and there…pretty much since I moved in. Progress seems to crawl at a snail’s pace around here and we’ve mostly just started the process of removing the overgrowth. When you buy an older home in Southern Pines that requires renovation, you typically get a random pile of bricks somewhere on the property and vines–wisteria mostly, choking the life out of the nearest long leaf pine.

So we’ve been clearing and we put up the fence we discussed here not long ago. From here I’m proposing that we take some smaller steps in manageable phases to eventually end up with a landscaped backyard that is irrigated, has an established lawn, a kitchen garden, maybe a bluestone patio with a firepit and a small perennial section alongside the patio. I mean, that isn’t really a lot to ask! Let’s just chip away at it and here’s how,

Sarah's yard phase 1-3 planI thought I’d just mock up a little something for everyone to see, maybe just to get a glimpse of what these portions of the yard might look like once we get through these phases.

yard right side

well that definitely looks real!

yard right side plan

And then the shed side,

yard shed cleared


yard shed cleared plan



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